Did they destroy his suitcase?  Find out how to complain on the plane, bus or train

Traveling is a pleasure, but it can become a nightmare when our luggage is damaged. Fortunately, everything works out.

If you just arrived from a airplane trip, the best thing is not to leave the airport, despite having seven days to complain on flights within the European Union or internationally. Take your boarding pass or booking reference number and go to the airline counter.

You will need to complete the Baggage Claim form or the Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

You will likely be told to do this when you report the damage in person, but some airlines also make the forms available online.

Pay attention to the items you left in your suitcase.

Not all are covered by carriers – valuable and/or fragile items, such as jewelry, computer equipment, cameras or photographic material, mobile phones, etc. – who can refuse any responsibility.

It’s worth spending some time arguing if you’re right on your side.

The rules change if travel by bus. The law provides compensation for damage to your baggage, but the probability of seeing your bag returned is less. Possibly with the help of surveillance cameras to prove that it was in the trunk intact.

If you’re worried, it’s best to check the conditions before you travel. You can always check your luggage. Pay but obliges the operator to be responsible.

On trains, the company is not even responsible for the luggage as it does not have a dispatch service. So if you lose sight of the suitcase, the responsibility is yours.

However, CP allows the passenger to carry portable volumes with them. The rules and conditions for the transport of portable volumes are regulated in points 1 and 2 of Article 9 of DL 58/2008, in its current wording, and “Passengers are responsible for guarding and monitoring their hand volumes (…)”

At the end of the line there is always a Arbitration Center to help you. Search the Internet. There are several across the country and, most importantly, they are free.

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