Not even a month after the incidents that occurred during Nice-OM, new excesses took place during the “North derby” between Lens and Lille (1-0) this Saturday afternoon. Six light injuries are to be deplored, and once again, French football wasted a great opportunity to show itself in its best light.

Even in their wildest dreams, the Lensois supporters would never have imagined that a half-time in a derby lasts forty-five minutes. Three quarters of an hour, sitting or standing in the stands, waiting to be able to sing the hymn composed by Pierre Bachelet before the start of the second round? No, it is unthinkable. What’s more, eleven years after the last Lens-Lille derby in a full Bollaert. What is more, fifteen years after the last success of the Sang et Or over their Lille rivals. And yet. At the break of a committed meeting, but nothing more for such a poster, the festive atmosphere gave way to disorder and incomprehension. These faults have no place in the idea that we have of a fully successful Northern Derby.

Unacceptable overflows

Placed at the edge of the field, on the set of Prime Video, Thierry Henry does not even have time to dissect Florian Sotoca’s final opportunity before the break. A strike well repelled by Ivo Grbić totally eclipsed by surreal scenes that take place live, before his eyes. Leaving from the Marek stand, dozens of Sang et Or fans then go to the foot of the visitor parking lot to do battle with the less clever of the 1,200 Lille fans who made the trip. An overflow quickly brought under control by the police. The reason for it? Lille supporters would have forced the security cordon of their parking lot to insult and launch projectiles at Lensois fans, according to the Voice of the North. A moment of tension which pushed the crisis unit to meet and postpone the start of the second period of thirty additional minutes. Even the lensois announcer split a “Don’t be stupid, anyway” , a sort of both salutary and desperate attempt to bring calm back definitively, while the threat of the suspension of the meeting still loomed. In the end, the match went to an end. But the observation is clear: supporters of a Ligue 1 club have found themselves treading the lawn of their club of hearts for the wrong reasons.

Difficult to determine “who started first”, as always, but what is certain, however, is that projectiles were launched from the parking lot of the Mastiffs in the direction of the Lensois public who occupied the other part of the stand. Trannin. That the insulting chants and banners deployed for several days by both sides have not helped either. And that in the end, this episode of violence only made losers. In total, six people were slightly injured as confirmed by Jean-François Raffy, the sub-prefect of Lens, to AFP: “There were no serious injuries, there were six evacuations to the hospital, but for minor injuries (Lensois side because they went over the gates). There was a Lille resident arrested who had launched a siege and a Lensois supporter also arrested for having launched a siege on a CRS and who will be tried in immediate appearance. ” According to information from RMC, it is likely that the disciplinary committee of the LFP will place the Lens-Lille case under investigation. They were only missing that.

Everything but child’s play

After the sinking that was Nice-OM at the end of August, this new gap on the part of the supporters of the two clubs is very annoying in high places. Starting with Roxana Maracineanu, the Minister of Sports, who immediately reacted in the evening: “We are struggling for the cause of the supporters: full stands, standing stands, smoke in reserved areas, travel. I also campaign to involve supporters in club governance. This start of the season will not help us. A rapid awareness of all football players, supporters in mind, is mandatory. ”

If they did not see them directly, the actors of this Lens-Lille also condemned the excesses that occurred at the break. Like Jean-Louis Leca, Lensois doorman and hero of the day, who did not hesitate to recall the role too often forgotten by some when entering an enclosure dedicated to football: “It’s always annoying when, in a football stadium, supporters come to blows. They too have an example to give, because there are children in football stadiums. ” Kids who, like thousands of other fans, expected this derby to make a dream come true or to sleep with friends on the opposing side. But certainly not to see their seat neighbor risk getting a bit of metal on the head. The saddest thing is that in the days to come, almost everyone will think about this Lens-Lille through these incidents. This is the real defeat.

By Andrea Chazy

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