Alberto and Cristina, together in Olivos after the defeat in the PASO

Through an extensive and harsh letter, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner broke the silence in the context of the political crisis that the ruling party is going through and set out her position. “I will not continue to tolerate press operations from the presidential environment itself” was just one of the many phrases that left the lines signed by the Vice President of the Nation against Alberto Fernández. What did the opposition say about it?

Alfredo Cornejo, president of the UCR and national deputy: “I read the letter from @CFKArgentina and I cannot be more than amazed. His prose remains intact as a story, always blaming the other. The vice president does not act ‘sincerely’ but justifying herself. It is time for him to take charge of his decision and bring peace of mind to the Argentines ”.

Florencio Randazzo, candidate for national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires in Vamos Con Vos: “Pushing the country into an institutional crisis will only aggravate the problems and will not solve any of the urgencies of the Argentines. Factional struggles within a government bring back the worst memories. Those disputes always ended badly ”.

Rogelio Frigerio, candidate for national deputy of Together for Change: “Here the main thing is to blame the other. It is trying to get out of this delicate situation that they themselves generated with bad policies and bad management. Attempts against governance. It has nothing to do with the concerns of citizens “

Facundo Manes, candidate for national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires: “Instead of redefining the course of the country and bringing calm, they stress and confuse society even more in the midst of a crisis. An unprecedented irresponsibility ”.

Mario Negri, national deputy for Córdoba: “The President must urgently resolve the crisis of power that he and the Vice President caused. The government is in a vegetative state ”.

Jose Luis Espert, candidate for national deputy for Avanza Libertad: “La Cristi, more than a letter, wrote a book and threw it over Alberto’s head. Mommy What impunity they feel. All unpresentable ”.

Gabriel Solano, candidate for Buenos Aires Legislator for the Workers’ Party in the Left Front: “The electoral situation of the Frente de Todos is unsustainable, because on their lists are the two sides that are killing each other today. It is an incoherent list ”.

Maximiliano Ferraro, president of the ARI Civic Coalition: “Without words. All insane. An entire nation hostage to its factional inmates ”.

Luis Naidenoff, national senator for Formosa: “A government coalition publicly bleeding itself internally through tweets and epistolary letters. In the middle, a country without direction. They have two years of management ahead of them, be responsible, resolve their conflicts and govern ”.

Fernando Iglesias placeholder image, national deputy: “Open letter from one lion to another. We went from Litto Nebbia to Chico Novarro ”.

Mariana Zuvic, national deputy for CC ARI Let’s change: “Two insane people, in a pimpernel version, playing with a country on fire. Final pathetic ”.

Paula Oliveto, National Deputy and President of the Civic Coalition-ARI of the City of Buenos Aires: “Honestly, these people are cynical and irresponsible. Two days ago they have us anguished Argentines looking at their novel of power and betrayals. Laburen, that the town is having a bad time ”.

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