Pepe Mujica advised the Frente de Todos what to do in the face of the crisis

“What Argentina needs most is unity. Unity with diversity, but unity,” said former Uruguayan president José Pepe Mujica. The historical leader of the Broad Front focused on the current internal discussion that exists in the Frente de Todos after the crisis unleashed by the defeat in the Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primaries (PASO). “It is necessary that they lock themselves up for a month to drink mate, arguing and not whoring in the press, to generate half a dozen central things such as state policies,” added the former eastern president, pointing to the experience of his own political space.

“I recommend reading the Martín Fierro, the brothers are united because if not they are eaten by outsiders. What Argentina needs most is unity, unity with diversity, but unity. It is not a time for internal fights, on the contrary, the The commitment is very great, “Pepe Mujica pointed out on Radio 10.” You have to accept reality and try to change it and put all the effort morally and leave the secondary issues and human vanities that appear at this time. Why? Because the Argentine people need it, “said the Frente Amplio leader.

“The government has to govern and govern as best as possible, but more in the medium term it would require a conclave of useful people from all over the world drinking mate for a month and arguing and not whoring for the press. And it has to achieve a half dozen things central as State policies that are maintained over the years, “said the octogenarian leader and longtime activist.

“Argentina is wonderful, because of the resources it has, but it is unhinged. In the political system they have to talk much more, there is no democracy without dialogue, and dialogue means lowering the decibels, not being puffed up so much by the press and talking more.”, Mujica assured and added: “There has to be a minimum program of national unity and then all the differences they want, because that is a responsibility of the government and the opposition. The country cannot be re-founded every two or three years.”

The Coalition Experience of the Broad Front of Uruguay

Mujica explained that “the history of the Broad Front governments is the history of Uruguay. My personal interpretation is that Uruguay was always governed by fronts. What were called traditional parties, which are the two parties from the origin of the country, are still alive. and kicking off. And they always had something like a left and a right within the party with internal problems, permanently but they remained, they are there. ”

The former member of the Tupamaros guerrilla movement affirmed that “(Uruguayan former president) Don José Batlle y Ordoñez had four factions in his own party. So we learned those lessons. The great misfortune in the world is that the left is divided by ideas and the rights come together for interests. “

“The left have to learn that they have to find middle ways that make the most important thing, which is unity, sustainable, because disunited they go nowhere, disunited they are the dust of history, they are toys of history. To be an alternative you have to be united, “said Mujica, pointing to the central axis that made the Frente Amplio manage to maintain itself over the years and reach the presidency with Tabaré Vázquez in 2005.

“Now, we must learn to have internal tolerance and negotiation capacity, our truths are relative and we must negotiate them with those of the other colleagues, it has no return. If I fall into tremendousism, I break everything,” added the former president who was elected senator in 2019 and resigned to dedicate himself to popular activism.

“Ours is possible, it is more than fifty years old. It is not an electoral pact to win an election. It is a historical pact that we managed to get from the Christian Democrats to the Communist Party and we are all together,” he explained about the experience of the Broad Front in his country. “And we fight and we have differences, but we are making programs in which we agree for each stage, period. And we abide by the decision of the majority. And sometimes we have to eat the odd toad, but unity with the Diversity strategically is worth much more than tactical dissidents, “he indicated about the internal life of the front that he has been part of since he was released in 1985 and in democracy.

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