'El hormiguero' virtually reunites Enrique Iglesias and Tamara Falcó

Viewers of The anthill They expected to see this Thursday in the Antena 3 space the meeting live on the set of Tamara Falcó and Enrique Iglesias, which finally happened, but virtually, since none were with Pablo Motos physically.

The singer took advantage of his presence in the program to present his new album, Final Vol.1, which will be launched this Friday worldwidel, and after chatting with the presenter about the album or his upcoming tour, they passed more personal issues.

“Do your three children cheer you up when you’re down?”asked the Valencian. “When I see them they put me in a good mood, I have a great time with them, Being a father is something that I never imagined what it would be like, but I am very happy with them, that’s why I like to be at home a lot“stated the guest.

Too explained the characteristics that, for him, a good father should have: “Patience, listen to them, pamper them, love them, constantly repeat that you are always with them, even if you are not physically, and that they will always be able to count on you, “said the artist.

But he also had time to recall some anecdotes from his childhood: “It was tremendous, if he saw a bus stop he would throw a firecracker, for example, he was a little touched when he was a kid”.

I once chased a girl with a poop spray. We were in tennis and she hit me with a racket … I ended up in the hospital, but there I learned my lesson. Tamara keeps bringing me one of those spray to Miami every year“.

The presenter also highlighted his most joking side with the mobile: “I ask someone I am with for the phone number and I start sending messages with real stupidity to people I do not knowAlthough now I have changed, I no longer do so much. “

At that time, the program connected with Tamara Falcó, who was in the kitchens of the Le Cordon Bleu course – that’s why he didn’t go to The anthill this Thursday-: “The last person you prank on was my ex-boyfriend. “the collaborator recalled. “That’s why he’s your ex-boyfriend … but I haven’t done it for a long time, “replied the singer.

Their reunion caused them great emotion, since “We met in August when he came to say goodbye to our grandmother -Beatriz Arrastia-“said Falcó. “I was with her, thank God I was on time, It was a very emotional moment, I don’t usually cry and that day I cried a lot. Will you be our guardian angel“.

“But at the same time I was happy to be there with my grandmother, my mother, Tamara and the family,” Iglesias said. “Enrique is always there, in good times and bad, he always appears, he is a guardian angel”, admitted Isabel Preysler’s daughter.

To conclude, the singer recalled his relationship with his sister when they were little: “I was 8 years old when we came to the United States to live. It was very difficult to separate from my sister and my mother, but we talked a lot, we told each other everything and I love her very much “.

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