Jabloko-Vorsitzender zu RT: Meine Partei ist ein Fenster mit frischer Luft für Russland

15 Sep. 2021 10:13 o’clock

Nikolai Rybakov, the leader of the Russian party Yabloko, said in an interview with RT that his party is the only alternative to Putin’s Russia, as all other forces basically support the current politics.

In the elections from September 17 to 19, the moderate opposition force Yabloko is hoping for seats in the State Duma. In a conversation with RT Party chairman Nikolai Rybakov said that the party enjoyed a lot of support, especially in major Russian cities. In these elections, however, they also want to collect votes in rural regions. If as many people as possible cast their votes, irregularities will be prevented, he added. In addition, a high voter turnout will have a positive effect on the composition of the State Duma.

Although the ballot paper lists a total of 14 parties, there will actually only be two options, said Rybakov: for or against Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him, 13 of the parties support Putin’s policy, but Yabloko is a real alternative:

“Anyone who believes that there should be political freedoms as well as friendly, peaceful and mutually beneficial relationships with other countries, who thinks that you shouldn’t constantly look for enemies in your own country, but that you should build your own country and people in If you want to help your own country, you vote for Yabloko. Those who want to continue the previous policy can choose from the remaining 13 parties with different names that support the current government on all important issues. “

Rybakov said his party will be a voice of the free people in the State Duma. “No, the day after the elections there will be no goodwill in Russia. But there will be a chance. At least a window of fresh air will open.”

According to the 42-year-old, the long-term challenges for Russia include health care, education and environmental issues. In terms of foreign policy, the party stands for normalization of relations with the EU and the USA and peace with Russia’s neighboring countries. Rybakov criticized the fact that some Russian actors had teamed up with US politicians in order to take part in an arms race that was beneficial to both sides. The common people fell by the wayside.

Yabloko’s party program includes passing a law against domestic violence, building a support system for lonely older people and people with disabilities, and creating an accessible environment. In the area of ​​the environment, the party proposes introducing a ban on waste incineration. Yabloko was represented in the State Duma from 1993 to 2003.

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