Sergio Massa

The Pink House it was seen shake this wednesday after multiple ministers that respond to Cristina Kirchner will present its resignation al Cabinet from Alberto Fernandez. In the middle of this storm, the head of the Chamber of Deputies and one of those who made possible the formation of the Frente de Todos, Sergio Massa, met with the head of the official inter-bloc in that enclosure, the leader of La Cámpora and son of the vice president Maximum Kirchner.

As published NA, the meeting between Massa and Kirchner took place in the National Congress shortly before the President held a conclave with his closest ministers and secretaries, who are those who did not join the Kirchnerist strategy of making public the resignations to your charges in writing. The one who unleashed the crisis was precisely one of the men of the space led by Máximo, Interior Minister Eduardo de Pedro.

In this sense, the two important leaders of the Frente de Todos in the Lower House deliberated which way to go to weather this final moment in the ruling party, whose outbreak occurred 72 hours after the negative results in the Primary legislative elections were known ( HE PASSED). After this emergency meeting, Massa went to the headquarters of his Frente Renovador in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro and continues there until now.

To be or not to be: what could be the future of Massa?

Several rumors circulated on this day regarding the future of Massa, one of which made possible the reconciliation between Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández and, consequently, the formation of the Frente de Todos. In the midst of all this, it transpired that the leader of the Renewal Front would also have put on the table his resignation from the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation.

Others, a bit more daring, reported that the Tigrense could occupy the Headquarters of the Cabinet, a position that today is assumed by Santiago Cafiero, one of the President’s ‘chickens’, but targeted by the harshest Kirchnerism. In fact, in the previous to the legislative STEP, Cafiero was the option that was handled by the Instituto Patria commanded by Cristina to head the official list in the province of Buenos Aires. But he refused and the president imposed Victoria Tolosa Paz.

K resignations and bewilderment

This afternoon, in addition to De Pedro, other K ministers who made their resignation available are Tristán Bauer, Martín Soria, Roberto Salvarezza, Jorge Ferraresi and Juan Cabandié, as well as officials very close to the vice president and head of the Senate such as Luana Volnovich (PAMI ), Fernanda Raverta (Anses) and Martín Sabbatella (Acumar).

In this context of chaos and confusion, the Head of State met with all the ministers who did not resign (at least publicly), those on his side, such as the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, Claudio Moroni, Cecilia Todesca, Matías Kulfas, Martín Guzmán, Matías Lammens, Gabriel Katopodis, Juan Zabaleta, Sabina Frederic, Felipe Solá and Vilma Ibarra; They were joined by the current director of the Río Turbio Carboniferous Sites, Aníbal Fernández, cited by the President himself.

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