Which iPhone 13 has more battery: comparison of the official autonomy of the most recent models

Apple highlighted the novelty well in both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro: their internal parts have been redistributed to accommodate a larger battery. And that in theory means that these new iPhones have more autonomy, although we should compensate with the new functions like ProMotion in the iPhone 13 Pro or all the Machine Learning involved in the new cameras. Who wins in that compensation?

For that nothing better than put all the official data of autonomy of the iPhone next to each other. We are going to use the latest models from the iPhone 11 including the iPhone SE, whose new price may make you feel very attracted to it.

A linear and appreciable improvement that is noticeable thanks to the larger batteries

Autonomy graph iphone battery

If we compare the autonomy of the iPhone 12 range with that of the iPhone 13 we see a slight increase, in line with what they have assured us in the keynote. Naturally the biggest increases are in the Pro Max model, which more than doubles the autonomy of streaming video and reaches a record of 95 hours of wireless audio playback. The iPhone SE only has 40, for example.

The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro with a 6.1 “screen also come out well in the comparison, improving all the scores of their predecessors although in a more discreet way. Let’s also think that these are theoretical figures, and the real world can give more disparate results. .

Whoever wants autonomy above all else has the iPhone 13 Pro Max as the best option, without a doubt. And although that ceases to be the best in the iPhone 13 mini, the battery also improves in the smallest brother of the family. It’s a totally linear improvement after last year’s stagnation. I even wonder how long the battery charge of that iPhone 13 Pro Max can last at 5W, the most suitable power to extend that autonomy no matter how much fast charge they sell us.

Comparison between the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, the iPhone catalog seen in specifications

The iPhone 13 They will go on sale from September 24 (Reservations begin this Friday) and it will be then when we can see those increases. Of course, our next review will also review this increased autonomy in detail.

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