Van Mameren's editorial: "citizens need much more sanity"

“Again Argentina in situations of tension. Again the elections give a precise message, but the leaders are only willing to interpret what worries them, without thinking about us.” With those words the host of Panorama Tucumano began his editorial, Federico van Mameren.

In this sense, he said that Alberto Fernandez takes a reading of the results, Cristina Kirchner does another, but they agree on something (not just the desire to succeed): they agree that there is not much time to change. STEPs are very difficult to turn.

“Alberto Fernández says: what I am doing I have to deepen; but Cristina wants to bring it to a paroxysm and in that they do not coincide. Cristina’s message was to disarm the cabinet, to deepen the struggle for power, to say” I have the power. ” he noted in his Puzzle.

Federico van Mameren wondered what are Alberto Fernández’s options? The usual: I could quit. While history tells us that resignations help, it is not what society expects. More after this election. Society has been clear: it is fed up with arguments. The resignation would not make sense for our institutionality.

The other option is: Alberto could take the bull by the horns, make the decision to exercise the presidency, solidify his structure, perhaps speak with the opposition and continue building this government.

The third option is to give in to Cristina.

“The abuse that the president has been having has made him have an absolute weakness. That is why it is important that he make decisions. And those decisions depend on him. Until now he has only been holding out and that is not good,” he said.

The host of Panorama Tucumano added another piece to the Puzzle: Sunday’s elections. In this regard, he said that the simplest interpretation of the elections is that people voted with their pockets. In a country with more than 50% poverty, people voted with their pockets and government measures would have to do with that.

Another piece of this political puzzle is Sergio Massa, who wants to propose as a possible chief of staff. “But Massa is a not very credible man. He was with Macri, he was with Cristina, he was with Nestor. As not very credible as the president himself,” he said.

A few minutes after 9 p.m. he said that so far Alberto does not accept the resignations, and throws the ball back to Cristina, who in turn made strange signals: he went out to clarify that he does not ask for Guzmán’s resignation. If so, it means that it does request the resignations of other ministers.

Later, the host of Panorama Tucumano focused on Tucumán. In this sense, he pointed out that Juan Manzur he sent national support. “I do not rule out that Manzur is already thinking about a national exit for 2023,” he said.

But he also indicated that 200,000 votes on Sunday were not from Manzur, but from the lieutenant governor. Osvaldo Jaldo and that is something the governor must acknowledge.

Regarding Jaldo, he said that he showed the thread when he presented his resignation to the candidacy: “he did what we knew he was going to do, but he also showed that his intention is power.”

One detail that he did not overlook about Sunday’s elections was that those who have control of the public treasury obtained better results. “If something needs this political reform, if something is needed the political future is greater equality. Something tells us that this is not right,” he said.

He also observed that on Sunday the people of Tucumán voted against political hegemony. “And this began with Alperovich, who on December 10 will cease to be a senator and will go to political ostracism,” he said.

“Citizens have memory. Undoubtedly it is the message that none of the candidates evaluated and supported this Sunday can ignore. Citizens need much more sanity … the leadership continues to think in the short, in the triumph, but to move on to the history requires leaders who have other interests. And that is what citizens need, “he concluded.

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