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  • Levent wants to end the war between Melis and Meryem as soon as possible

  • The businessman listens to Bahadır and decides to get married in a week

  • From Monday to Friday at 10:00 p.m., don’t miss the new chapters of ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’, on Divinity

Bahadır’s words have penetrated Levent. The best thing you can do to bring peace to the mansion is not to extend the commitment with Melis any longer and to get married now, more specifically, in a week. Everyone’s faces when hearing the news are a poem. But there is a reaction that nobody expects and that is Ulviye, who gives his full approval to the wedding: “You have made a great decision, congratulations. The sooner you do it, the better ”.

To the surprise of the sisters, it has become clear that Levent’s mother doesn’t remember anything of what he heard before suffering the heart attack. But Meryem does not agree with the behavior of the lady taking into account the words she said before losing consciousness, Can the young woman find out what Ulviye wanted to say to her?

In the next chapter of ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’ we will also see how Oya catches Doğan and Mine’s trap on the fly They try to tend him and he does not confess his involvement in the photographs with Cemil.

The war between Melis and Meryem continues

Not even the slap Meryem gives Melis in front of Levent is enough for the businessman to side with his fiancée. The serious accusations that the photographer has launched against the young woman have no justification for him. And not only that. Ömer’s father apologizes to Meryem for Melis’ behavior.

Hülya’s sister still thinks that Meryem should get out of the mansion as soon as possible, but she does not count on Levent hearing her again and does not hesitate to confront her to defend Ömer’s sister.

Levent se encara con Melis por Meryem

Bahadir is clear about it. The rivalry between Meryem and her sister-in-law will only end when Melis and Levent say ‘I do’: “You can’t neglect her. Even if you wanted to marry Meryem, now Melis is your fiancée, you wear her ring on your finger ”.

Meanwhile, Ulviye continues to recover from the heart attack. Keep thinking that Ömer is Efe and treats you as such. In addition, he suffers small crises in which he remembers what really happened, but then returns to confusion. The whole family is aware of your health, but the mother of the Metehanoğlu only trusts Meryem.

Doğan and Mine, meanwhile, devise a plan to film Oya telling the truth behind the photos with Cemil. In this way, Ayşe will believe in her husband’s innocence before it’s too late.

You have a date with ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’, from Monday to Friday, at Divinity

A new day begins at the mansion and the whole family sits down to breakfast. All but Melis and Levent, who have left in the morning without notifying anyone (although Meryem has seen them). When they return, they bring a bombshell news that leaves none of those present indifferent: They already have a wedding date and it will be in a week. The face of Ömer’s sister and father says it all, but it seems like, given the situation, it’s the best for everyone. Will they really get married? What decision will Meryem make about it?

There is very little left for all the secrets surrounding the Metehanoğlu family to come to light. If you don’t want to miss that moment, you have a date with ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’. Monday to Friday at 10:00 p.m. at Divinity.

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