Transition process: The ECOWAS exasperated by the stagnation established by Choguel

The theoretician of change in governance, Choguel Kokalla Maïga has set the transition process in an immobility that is starting to exasperate the forces and partners of the country. The recent follow-up mission (5-7 September 2021) of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) did not hide it. The injunction to quickly publish an electoral timetable reflects this exasperation.

The Economic Community of West African States is concerned about “insufficient concrete actions in the effective preparation of the electoral process“. This is the sentence at the end of a three-day mission that President Goodluck Jonathan has just carried out in our country (from September 5 to 7, 2021) in order to assess the progress made in the implementation of the Roadmap of the transition. The mission thus encouraged the government of Dr Choguel Kokalla Maïga to “present a timetable detailing the timetable and the reforms to be undertaken to lead to the elections».

According to our sources, the extension of the current transition was the issue most addressed by the mediation and its Malian interlocutors. And obviously the arguments put forward by the Malian party (which even engaged the services of Cherif de Nioro to plead the extension) were not convincing. Thus, Goodluck Jonathan urged the transitional government to “respect the transition deadline, in particular the electoral calendar».

What Choguel did not tell his hosts is that this extension is already recorded in his agenda. Since his appointment, Choguel has been in delay because the change is easy to pronounce than to set to music. The rectification which justifies his presence in the Prime Minister’s office is slow to emerge. And all the more so since, for him and his supporters, the Assises National de la Refondation (ANR) seem to be a panacea that will propel Mali into the era of governance promised to Malians for weeks in the street. And so much so that one wonders if the Government Action Program (PAG) still has any political importance in his eyes. To Goodluck Jonathan, he has already assured that “details on the electoral operations chronogram“Would be”provided by the future National Refoundation Conference”, The dates of which have not yet been set.

A straitjacket that major political actors do not want to wear

The Prime Minister, as a true heir to the single party (Democratic Union of the Malian People / UDPM), makes participation in its meetings an obligation for all the living forces of the nation. And all the more so since the recommendations that will sanction them will apply to everyone. Suffice to say that these (recommendations) would undoubtedly be the priority axes of the future constitution of the country.

And not to mention that these meetings, a real straitjacket at the end, do not interest and do not mobilize for the moment beyond the M5 RFP and the opportunists of the Republic who are hardworking and malleable according to their voracious greed, interests financial at stake. Otherwise this already controversial initiative is rejected bluntly by the main political forces of the country, in particular Codem, Parena, Adema… According to a press release from “The Beehive“, Far from being part of an inclusive approach, these meetings aim to”divide the country when it needs to be brought together to face the perils that threaten the existence of the state».

And Adéma, like many political actors, do not recognize themselves in the single body for the management of elections as thought and wanted by the only transitional Prime Minister for fear that this will lead the country towards “an electoral fiasco, source of all the dangers for the stability of our country».

Why do ANRs do after the CEN in 2017, the DNI in 2019 and the national consultations in 2020?

Why does he want to take the risk of scuttling the transition by challenging the Republic to organize its assizes? Objectively, do we need today to squander the taxpayer’s money in the organization of these famous meetings for the needs of the refoundation? After the Conference of National Understanding (CEN, from March 27 to April 2, 2017), the Inclusive National Dialogue (DNI, December 2019) and the National Consultations (10-11-12 September 2020), what can be the use of these foundations if not wasting money and wasting time in managing the transition? The country’s problems are known to all. The reforms to be carried out are also clearly identified.

The head of the transitional government must not forget that his ally (Colonel Assimi Goïta) made a commitment before the Republic and the international community to take into account the recommendations of the DNI and that the national consultations were an initiative of the National Salvation Committee public (CNSP) to identify the Roadmap and the transition bodies in a spirit of inclusiveness. Malians must now be tired of “sitWith recommendations frequently questioned by those who cannot find their personal accounts there. It is a standing people that the country needs to recover.

Choguel is mistaken if he thinks that the confidence of “ColonelsIs a blank check authorizing him to manage the transition as he pleases at the risk of plunging the country into a new impasse. The inclusiveness of the process, particularly in terms of reforms and the holding of elections, is a sine qua non condition for Mali’s technical and financial partners (TFPs) to benefit from their support. And besides, during a meeting (August 31, 2021) with the Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of political and institutional reforms, the Ambassador of the European Union (EU) diplomatically warned the government against the temptation to go it alone in this process.

Indeed, Mr. Bart Ouvry drew the attention of Ms. Sylla Fatoumata Sékou Dicko to the need for consensus around the process, particularly with regard to the organization of elections by the single election management body in the context of security crisis that Mali is going through. We think the message is clear to anyone who really wants to understand it. Its supporters will say that meeting the various forces is proof of its willingness to open up. This show just aims to give a good conscience. He will be able to tell the partners that he has met everyone and that he has reached out to all the players. IBK also reached out to everyone to save his regime.

Despite all the alerts and all the warnings, for the moment without political costs, Choguel holds on to his foundations as a panacea for his mission of rectification or as a buoy to save him from the political shipwreck which awaits him in the Prime Minister’s office.

Voluntarily confusing malice and strategy or even political vision, Dr Choguel Kokalla Maïga hopes to have everyone with the passage of time. Including its military allies. Except that time is also relentless when it comes to confusing or putting everyone back in front of their responsibilities!


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