"To talk about her you wash your mouth": the acclaimed Hovik Keuchkerian review to critics by Simone Biles

Hovik Keuchkerian has visited this Tuesday Nice good to talk, among other things, about the importance of having our own criteria when making personal decisions. From his point of view, society has gone from having its own opinion to positioning itself on one side or another depending on the issue on which it has been called upon to comment. Something that does not go with him, since he prefers to always say what he is thinking at that moment: “The generality seems incredible and absurd to me. I have my way of seeing things and that’s it, I’ll pay the consequence.”

For that same reason, the actor known for playing characters like Bogotá in La casa de papel, did not cut himself when talking about the problems he had with alcohol when he visited El Hormiguero. From his point of view, we must have our own opinion based on our own experience and express it without any fear. But, in order to express one opinion or another, he recognizes that it is essential to know what is being talked about before criticizing for criticism.

Hovik Keuchkerian’s defense to Simone Biles: “If you decide to go out, you don’t go out”

As an example of what has been done wrong in recent months, mainly in the media and social networks, the former boxer has denounced the media harassment of the gymnast Simone Biles for her decision to withdraw from the Olympic Games to preserve her health mental: “Simone Biles decides not to go out and does not come out. The woman is going to move between two bars and if she loses a 0.0 of concentration, she shoots out of the bar and opens the chrism”

“When you have been 90% of your fucking life training eight hours a day and then in an exercise that does not reach a minute you play all that training and have everyone looking at you and you know what that is, you think”, has insured Hovik Keuchkerian. From his point of view, we cannot comment on something that we have not experienced in our own flesh: “When I have a bakery and know what it is like to get up at four in the morning every day and be making bread like a bastard since 5 until 9 I will give my opinion of a bakery “.

“To talk about Simone Biles you wipe your mouth”

For the same reason, the actor acknowledges that all those criticisms from people who have no idea what is going through Simone Biles’ head should avoid commenting on her: “If what you’ve done is to be with your fucking pot belly, your piti and you came giving your opinion on a fucking social network or in a newspaper, to talk about Simone Biles you clean your mouth “.

And it is that, as you remember Keuchkerian, Simone Biles is a gymnast who has sacrificed since she was a child to become the best in history, so she has every right in the world to stop whenever she wants: “She is a girl who has mortgaged her life for a dream and is the best gymnast in the world. Decide not to go out for fear of dying. Then you shut up. The girl doesn’t come out and that’s it. “

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