The article was titled ‘At five in the afternoon’ in homage to the poem of Federico Garcia Lorca. It was signed by Guillem Clua and it was published on September 7 in ‘El Diario’, the newspaper he runs Nacho Escolar. Once the young man from Malasaña confessed that he had made everything up, the Escolar newspaper rushed to erase it so that there would be no trace of the journalistic bungling perpetrated by its editor. But Internet users have rescued him thanks to the web

Clua created an authentic horror film to narrate minute by minute the homophobic ‘fake’ aggression that at that time the Government of Sánchez used to accuse Vox of being behind the rise in hate crimes. A chronicle based purely and exclusively on the leftist fantasies of its author.

And it has no waste. Clua begins by recounting how the homophobic herd chose a Sunday to savagely attack the young man. Even the dialogues held by the supposed hooded ones is invented: «They met on Sunday afternoon. It is likely that during the week they have it more complicated. After all, there are eight. If they want to see each other together, it has to be Sunday afternoon, when the woman is with the kids and they let you have some quiet time. I’m going down to the bar, he will have told her, and she will not have asked him for more explanations ».

Not only does he assume that eight individuals stayed in Madrid but he dares to speak of the profile of one, with wife and children. And he adds: “They have been planning it for a long time. Something like this is not improvised ».

“It started with an innocent comment at the bar, they no longer remember when or why. Something about those fags. That I am already fucked up, that they even come out in the soup, damn, that you can’t put a series or a movie without them coming out two turkeys nappingWhat a fucking disgusting Who said it? Nobody remembers it and it is not that it matters, because everyone around him agreed, it is that it is well, if in the end the strangers are going to be us “, the article continues. Clua’s power of imagination is limitless.

After continuing with his fanciful exposition of eight hooded men spewing hatred against homosexuals, clearly points to a culprit, who would really be behind all the homophobic attacks in Spain: Vox.

But someone says so. Strong and clear. And they have mounted a party. And hey, they don’t mince words. Nobody shuts them up. Did you hear what Ortega Smith said? That there is no gender violence, that this is an invention of the feminists and the podemites to set up beach bars and live off the story. There have always been guys who have spanked their women. The normal. But we are not, we are not of those. ‘Not all men’. But they want us to believe that yes, we are all the same, “they defend.

This is how they criminalize a party like Vox and accuse it with a totally fabricated chronicle of being behind hate crimes: “Suddenly the eight of them no longer feel alone at the bar, now they have a party that listens to them and gives them the reason, which tells them that their world is not old and their references are not obsolete, that their ignorance is legitimate and their hatred has every reason to exist and to grow and to express themselves ».

He continues the article by listing that thanks to the speech of those of Santiago Abascal those so-called homophobic hooded men get emboldened. And to defend an LGTBI law, he charges against everything and everyone: «Surely they would not do so if there were an LGTBI law that included a severe sanctioning regime against those who commit hate crimes; They would not do it if the police were prepared to deal with attacks against the group with specific units; They would not do it if the judicial system were not filled with magistrates who still ask the rape victim how she was dressed… ».

And he ends his chronicle by recounting how the aggression was, the one that the young complainant first invented and then: «He comes in on a Sunday afternoon and they do it. And they have gone out into the street in broad daylight. That’s how unpunished they feel. AND they have hidden their face, as cowards do, and they have thrown themselves on him. And they lower his pants. And the boy cries and screams and tries to hit, to wake up, to be someone else, but he can’t, they won’t let him, because eight men have decided that he has to pay for being who he is ».

And his underpants are lowered. And he calls him a fag, but this time he feels that just saying it is not enough, because the pleasure of the insult is too fleeting. And take out a razor. And all that hatred turns to blood. At five in the afternoon. It was five o’clock in the afternoon. Thus ends an article made up and then erased. An article that criminalizes a political party for something that didn’t even happen.

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