This is how 'No one lives here' was going to be: these were the reasons why they ended up changing their minds

A little over 18 years ago, specifically on September 7, 2003, Antena 3 broadcast the first chapter of Here there is no one who lives. A series, which with the passage of time would become one of the most popular in the history of Spanish television, which narrated the adventures and misadventures of a most picturesque community of neighbors that is still very present in the hearts of millions. of people.

So much so that, on the same day that the series turned 18, social networks were filled with congratulations for all those who made it possible. What if There is no one living here Wouldn’t it have been how we got to see it on television? As explained by the creator of the series, Alberto Caballero, in a meeting on our Twitch channel, things could have been quite different had he followed the initial plan.

This was the original plan for the series

After being asked about the influences of the series, Alberto Caballero explained that from the beginning they wanted to make a sitcom with an American structure of half an hour. For that same reason, the team had in mind to tell the story of a couple who had just arrived at a building and their adventures and misadventures with an antagonistic family with whom they shared the landing. However, Antena 3 asked them for 50-minute episodes in order to move the series forward.

For the same reason, and despite the fact that the original plan was to tell the story of a two or three-story landing, they valued the option of going to a building and taking a portrait of what they saw in their neighborhoods: “To take that rhythm we couldn’t do 8 or 10 turns per plot and we decided we had to put in more plots and more characters. ” It was then that the team went from doing a half-hour, six-character comedy to assessing a 50-minute comedy made up of 16 characters: “It was a matter of pace.”

First characters in Here there is no one who lives

And what were the first characters you thought of? As Alberto Caballero explained, they were clear that they wanted to tell about the arrival of a young couple in a building. Mainly to portray the figure of a man who was not very clear about the fact of becoming independent with his partner. A character who had a clear Peter Pan complex who would later end up being Roberto in the final project.

Therefore, the creative team thought at first of the couple formed by Roberto and Lucía. After the appearance of these first two characters, those responsible for the series were clear that they had to have an antagonist. For the same reason they thought of the Cuesta couple, with whom they would have their first conflict as soon as they arrived at their new building. However, the change of pace of the series led the creators to create new characters and, therefore, new plots that are still remembered today on social networks.

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