This 'influencer' does not exist but will earn close to a million dollars this year

Rozy is a fun, attractive, dancing young woman who does not get into trouble and has a personality that conquers thousands of followers on social networks. So much so that has aroused the interest of 100 advertisers that they are willing to sponsor it and that, although does not exist in the real world, at the end of the year they will bring you just under a million dollars.

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Omar Kardoudi

And it is that Rozy is not of flesh and blood, is a digital being created by the Korean producer Sidus Studio X and that is thought to be the perfect ‘influencer’. She will always be 22 and will never be tired or need a gap year to relieve stress. Nor will he say one word louder than the other, nor will he have a hidden past that, when revealed, will ruin his career and, incidentally, the reputation of his sponsors. In short, Rozy personifies the perfect specifier for any brand.

“Today, celebrities sometimes withdraw from the series they have been shooting due to scandals of school violence or controversies about bullying. However, virtual humans do not have any scandals to worry about,” he says Baek Seung Yeop, CEO of X-Star Studio

Rozy is Korea’s first digital influencer. For now, it has 67.5 thousand followers on Instagram and has already starred in an advertisement (on these lines) that more than 11 million people have seen. Among the people who comment on the video there are some who have not realized that he is a digital human and others who, although they have, cannot believe that he is.

And it is that Rozy is very close to surpassing the uncanny valley (disturbing valley), that is, its design and movements are so natural that they deceive our brain, causing us the same empathy as a real flesh and blood being. If Rozy, or any other humanoid, were to come close to looking like a human being, but were unable to fool our brains, it would provoke an uneasiness that would make us uncomfortable and prevent us from generating any empathy.

Sidus Studio X created Rozy last summer with the intention of jumping on the bandwagon of the virtual ‘influencers’ trend. For this they combined the favorite ‘looks’ of millennials that span from the 80s to the 2000s. Then they gave him some 800 facial expressions and movements They were captured from the 3D image of a real actor. “In the first three months that Rozy’s Instagram page worked, no one realized that it was a virtual 3D model,” they say from the production company.

“We do not use a specific person as a model for their look. The MZ generation [Millennial y Z] he does not like to hide his flaws or reveal them. We also don’t take Western beauty as the standard of beauty, “says Baek.

Rozy cannot get Covid-19 so she can travel anywhere in the world without wearing a mask. If we look at her Instagram account we can see her diving, eating, dressing up to date and communicating with her followers. She is also an ecology activist that participates in awareness campaigns on waste treatment and recycling.

In addition to the aforementioned advertisement, she has participated as a model in campaigns for the American car manufacturer Chevrolet and has published her visits to different luxury hotels on their networks. For the company that created it, it is a good business, according to Baek: “We have already reached our profit target, and I think Rozy will be able to earn more than KRW 1 billion (about $ 854,007) by the end of this year. “

Rozy is not the first virtual ‘influencer’ nor will she be the last, but it is one more example that in a short time it will not matter if those who do advertising, film, music or entertainment are real or digital celebrities. We saw a few days ago how the Israeli company Hour One generates its digital actors to star in advertisements, presentations and educational courses or how Hollywood actors like Bruce Willis no longer need to leave their home to act in their films. In fact, Baek himself has admitted that they already plan to expand Rozy’s scope of activities to film, series and entertainment programs.

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