They denounce massive poisoning in a school in La Plata "for eating potato cake in bad condition"

Parents of students who attend the Manantiales de La Plata school reported that yesterday their children “got intoxicated by eating a potato cake in poor condition” during lunch. The situation was put in common on Tuesday afternoon in the groups that parents share on WhatsApp, after boys who attend the establishment of 44 and 27 began to manifest decompositions accompanied by stomach pains.

“Yesterday at noon they were given the potato cake, the boys got intoxicated and immediately began the comments on the WhatsApp group. My daughter broke down and was doubled over in pain through the afternoon and into the night. Today he woke up better and he was able to go to school ”, denounced the mother of a girl who attends second grade of primary school.

Lunch was given to them in the institution’s dining room, the woman stated. “It is not food in box but there are personnel who are dedicated to cooking for the boys,” he explained. “This happened from yesterday to today. The boys who ate later began to feel bad. Between 17 and 18 my baby started with stomach pains and the same happened to the rest of those who ate the potato cake. There are children of different years who manifested discomfort ”, he pointed out.

The parents suspect that the minced meat was spoiled. “The children said that the food, actually the minced meat, was sour and that since there was no other option, they ate the same. That’s serious. A girl who decided not to have lunch for the taste of meat did not present any problem, “he said.

Due to what happened, some parents contacted the municipal Food Science area, although they affirmed that “they did not take the complaint from us.” However, the agency promised to carry out an inspection on the spot. As this media learned, the inspectors’ visit will take place tomorrow.

The parents’ statement and the school’s response

Within the framework of the complaint, the parents issued a statement addressed to the legal representative of the institution, in which they expressed “great concern regarding the general operation of the school cafeteria under their charge.”

In the statement they added that “although we understand that the return to full presence has brought in some cases certain inconveniences of an organizational nature, having observed the operation of the same in this new stage so far, we are forced to express ourselves together and between several courses because what the students refer to us on a daily basis is unsustainable ”.

In dialogue with this medium, the complainants pointed out that “the boys have been telling us that the cleaning was not adequate.”

In the document they also pointed out a series of disagreements regarding the dining room. They enlisted that “the menu is not varied”, “it does not offer a diet rich in vegetables”, “meager portions”, “cold portions” and “food in bad condition”.

For its part, the institution issued a statement to the families with the signature of the legal representative, Marcelo Venturino, in which it apologized for what happened. “Today we have received several notes and calls from students who presented symptoms related to food poisoning,” says the letter.

“We are investigating the complaints about yesterday’s menus that were potato and rice cake,” he adds.

According to the school, an investigation has been initiated regarding the origin of the symptoms presented by the students. “We have disinfected utensils and spaces in the dining room and kitchen with water and bleach, we discarded milk and yogurt that were still in the refrigerator,” they indicated.

In the response to the parents, it was indicated that “until we have more details, we are going to cook with bottled water.” “In order to analyze what happened, we ask your forgiveness,” says the answer. They also asked the families to complete a form to find out how many boys had symptoms of intoxication and to know what food and beverages they ingested yesterday.

According to the authorities in dialogue with this medium, the surplus of food and drinks from yesterday’s session such as “potato cake, rice, fruits and dairy products will be delivered to Bromatology to find out what happened.”

While this afternoon there will be a meeting with parents of primary school students in which the situation of the school dining room will be addressed.

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