They ask to expel Paz Padilla from 'Save me' for what he has said about Sofía Cristo and sexual abuse

‘Save me’ has tried on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 15, the unexpected revelation of Sophia Christ in ‘Secret story’ about sexual abuse that she suffered when she was little. This secret, which is outside the mechanics of the Telecinco reality show, has scandalized a part of society, since not even the mother herself knew about it.

Doctor Sánchez Martos, a regular at the La Fábrica de la Tele show to comment on all kinds of medical situations, has come to treat this one in particular. On a certain moment, Paz Padilla, the presenter, said the following: “We are talking with the doctor about whether it is necessary to report this type of thing, if the victim, after so many years, wants to remove …”.

Paz Padilla with the doctor in ‘Save me’. (Mediaset Spain)

The medical professional answered sharply: “If the rapist is not reported, he will continue to rape. If the rapist is a psychopath, who has not only raped once, he is a pedophile and it has turned out well, he continues, therefore you must always report it. Fortunately, the law has changed and now the criminal code also has to change because the victim can report until they are 35 years old, the crime does not prescribe as before, which had a margin until they were 18 years old. I’ve always argued that you never have to prescribe. ”

Paz, concerned for the family in the face of the possible complaint

At that moment, Paz released an unexpected statement: “But what if that person is a grandfather, an uncle, a brother … How do you deconstruct that family? They can blame you because surely a part of the family will tell them how do you do that to your grandfather, to your father …? My mother always said ‘look, the mother consented to it, she knew it,’ are her exact words.

Sánchez Martos turned the thought around: “But how is it that my grandfather did that, my father allowed it …? What is clear according to all the studies of psychologists is that the person who has suffered sexual abuse, whatever it is, marks them for life. “Both ended the conversation by assuring that it is a very complex issue.

Nevertheless, Padilla’s words have not gone unnoticed on social networks and they have condemned his comments, even calling for his expulsion from the controversial entertainment space of Mediaset España.

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