The worst experience of Pablo Motos in the history of 'El hormiguero': "It's brutal"

‘El hormiguero’ recovered this Tuesday the successful section of Jorge Salvador. The director and producer of the program reappeared on the air ready to continue “delving into the past of the ‘Hormiguero’ to find the fragments of the program that Pablo Motos would like to forget”.

To kick off the season, the director rescued “the worst day of the 16-year program” by Pablo Motos. It was really an episode “of having a bad time, of not wanting to go out” live, as detailed by Jorge Salvador. However, as much as the presenter tried to remember, he could not find that moment.

Salvador: “1 minute after starting they told me that Sacha would not come out if the text was not there”

“Year 2009. Sacha Baron Cohen comes to present his film [‘Bruno’]”. Those details were enough for Pablo to remember the story that his companion was about to tell.”He arrived with two screenwriters, because they had to write the interview answers for him. In the prompter they had to write to him as Pablo asked him. “According to Salvador, nothing like this had ever happened to them before, but they had no problem accepting the status of the guest.

Jorge Salvador, director and producer of ‘El hormiguero’. (Atresmedia)

“Five minutes before starting one of the scriptwriters gave us a ‘pendrive’ with the text and when we went to put it in the computer we saw that the system was Apple and ours was Windows. The text was not going“explained the producer. From that moment on, things only got worse.

Pablo Motos. (Atresmedia)

“1 minute after starting they tell me that Sacha won’t come out if the text isn’t there. I go to the door, just before the dance, and tell Pablo that the guest doesn’t want to leave because we didn’t have the text.” Nerves took over the team, however, there was no choice but to get out of trouble: “I told Pablo to go out and do the show, without the guest.” As ‘El Monaguillo’ pointed out, “the story is brutal.”

As shown by ‘El hormiguero’, Pablo Motos started the program with a certain pity. According to Jorge Salvador, “it started out in a very bad mood”Although the most curious thing was the reaction he had shortly after starting. “At a certain moment he comes to talk to the ants and I communicate by gestures that the guest was going to leave.”

Pablo Motos, in June 2009. (Atresmedia)

“His face changed,” Salvador recalled. “In the end, I think it was worse that the guest left. You had a bad time because the guest made you have a bad time. What’s more, you would have preferred that he had not left,” he told the presenter.

Jorge Salvador’s section in ‘El hormiguero’. (Atresmedia)

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