The victim of Évole's energy poverty entered Podemos and no longer criticizes the price of electricity

«My name is Elisa Pizarro, I am 58 years old and I have three children but I already live alone. The strike ran out. I have no savings. The heater has not been turned on in a long time. As the day passes and then the night it becomes very cold. This is how a neighbor from Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) complained in the program Saved. Next to Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona, ​​this lady criticized the electricity companies and the Popular Party government for allowing a rise in the price of electricity. Now, with energy twice as expensive, we see that He entered the address of Podemos in his municipality and in his constant publications on social networks he does not do now not an allusion energy poverty that he furiously criticized in 2015.

Elisa then showed with regret the drama of having difficulties to pay for the electricity. «During the day the light is not turned on in my house. Then, when at 5 or 6 in the afternoon I turn on the one in the dining room, which is energy efficient. Sometimes when my children come we turn on the one in the dining room, which are halogen and those are high-end. I only understand them every 15 days for a while at lunch, “he said.

Now, in a telephone conversation with OKDIARIO, he admits that he entered Podemos a year after the program. After a few primaries, she was signed to the local leadership of the party in Hospitalet. He explains that he has affinity with the postulates of the party founded by Pablo Iglesias but that he understands that his ministers cannot do much. “We are governed by the oligarchs and the judges. It is a pity. There are people wanting to solve the problem but without power and vice versa, “he criticizes. However, she claims that she does not feel “disappointed” by the party of the circles.

He says that he is now 64 years old and personally living in a worse situation. «I’m on the brink of eviction», Laments this woman who, she says, prefers activism to institutional politics. «They create for us the need to live with light but then we cannot pay for it. It’s a shame, “he adds.

Criticisms of PP, Vox and Cs

Their social networks are full of messages related to Podemos. Charge against Popular Party for being “criminal organization”, to Santiago Abascal (Vox) he dedicates the slogan “illiterate male” and also publishes memes to ridicule Inés Arrimadas (Citizens). In the same way, share images of criticism of the Royal Family.

He also launched his taunts at Adriana Lastra and Pedro Sánchez: “Direction, Mr. Secretary?”; «Go straight ahead and when nobody sees us on the right ». In the same way, he criticizes the current President of the Government with a meme entitled «Sanchinflas». On the contrary, follow Podemos and applaud the messages of the purple ones.


Now, Elisa Pizarro focuses her messages on ask for the republic in line with the «republican horizon» that Podemos demands, a referendum in Catalonia or the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) with the current system criticized by the Popular Party.

Not a word about the rise in the price of electricity. This anonymous neighbor, who later made the leap into local politics, despite the fact that in her day she put a face to energy poverty, today there is no trace in her daily messages to her hundreds of followers on the Internet on this subject. He prefers not to become a public figure again because he received “to much critics” in your neighborhood after the program.

The program of Saved served for erode the image of the Government of Mariano Rajoy. The then Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism was invited to Elisa’s private home. Nevertheless, Jose Manuel Soria He declined the invitation and received Jordi Évole in his office. There he had to listen to the testimony of a citizen chosen as a sample. The minister then emphasized that thanks to the policies of the PP, employment was recovering, which makes it possible for households like that of the protagonist of the report to have a fixed income. However, the last word was for the Catalan neighbor who replied: «Why do I have to choose between paying for electricity or eating? ».

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