Pros and cons of 'The Last Temptation', Telecinco's final cartridge to refloat its audience

After heating up the premiere with two previews about the leading couples last week, Telecinco Finally tonight gives the starting gun to ‘The last temptation’, the first worldwide sequel to the hit ‘The island of temptations’. In this new twist to the format, five pairs of former participants from the first three editions will return to the Dominican Republic to check if they made the right decision In the past, put their love to the test and face, in addition, all the doubts that their passage through the ‘reality show’ left them.

A) Yes, The return of Fani and Christofer, Andrea and Roberto, Mayka and Alejandro, Lucía and Isaac and Lyester and Patricia it will be the great incentive of this new edition that starts at 10:00 pm on Telecinco; a very varied casting made up of both old and new couples who emerged within the program with tempters, but also outside of it with third parties.

The couples of ‘The Last Temptation’. (Telecinco)

Precisely in its casting lies the main attraction of the program, although this is a double-edged sword due to the television experience of many of them. Bring back Fani and Christofer was presented key for this special season, since they are the couple that reached the ‘boom’ of the format for his reaction to his girl’s infidelity. Seeing how its dynamics are two years later, if the young man reverses the roles in this edition or if she humiliates him again in front of all of Spain, starts as the greatest incentive for part of the audience.

Those responsible for the format know this and that is why they have already used some images of both to promote the premiere, with Fani running along the beach trying to prevent Christofer from leaving. And it is precisely in this brief preview that it is evident how the television experience of both characters can end up playing against the program, since, aware of all that they are capable of generating outside, their attitudes may be far from real, something essential to connect with the story of the season.

Isaac and Lucia, in ‘The Last Temptation’. (Telecinco)

The same could be said of Andrea or Isaac, two old-fashioned television characters capable of anything to attract the media spotlight on them. Dose your prominence and, of course, finding real emotions in them will be key to the future of the edition. With them the show is more than assured, another thing is that it is credible for the viewer

To this cast of couples made with care, combining veteran faces with undiscovered personalities and less exploited couples in the universe Mediaset, we must add the attractiveness of having the “pending accounts” of the protagonists. A) Yes, in villas they will coexist with other former participants to dispel all the doubts that her passage through the program left among her partners, but also among the public: Marta Peñate will face Leste and Patri, Marina will do the same with Lucía and Lobo, … and so on until all have faced the ghosts of their past, with whom they will be forced to sleep during this experience!

‘The last temptation’ sets off the alarms: Estefanía, once again unfaithful to Christofer?

Nayín Costas

This substantial change will be the great differentiating element of ‘The Last Temptation’ versus ‘The Island of Temptations’, since from the beginning of the adventure the temptation will be found under the duvet, with the protagonists living in the same room as their old partners. To this turn we must also add the appearance of the “Circles of fire”, meetings where each couple will have to resolve a pending conflict that could even endanger their permanence in the ‘show’. And as if that were not enough, now the houses will be mixed, offering a completely different coexistence than what the public is used to in this format.

Stormy relationships, surprise visits, young people hungry for television and new twists in each chapter start as the main ingredients of ‘The Last Temptation’, a twist to the format that lands on Telecinco at a key moment: the chain is going through a big bump in its audiences, counting your last bets for flops. ‘Secret Story’ is not performing at the expected level, and both ‘El pueblo’ and ‘Madres’ have delved into that slump, which also coincides with a period of decline for ‘Save me’. Will the bonfires of this sequel to ‘The island of temptations’ achieve warm the channel audience again to reverse this negative trend? The answer, in just 24 hours.

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