'The Protected: The Return': "We have made the dream of many people come true"

‘The protected: The return’ has given its starting gun. This Wednesday has taken place the press conference in which they presented the return of this mythical series that managed to captivate the audience of Antena 3 from 2010 to 2012.

“At Atresmedia we like to have a variety of quality content. We are here to talk to you about the preview of ‘The Protected: The Return’. We are especially excited about the return of this series, because it was already a success in this Antena 3 “Montse Sánchez began by saying, Director of Fiction at Atresplayer.

Montse Sánchez: “It is a series that empathizes with the viewer, that excites”

To a large extent, the return of this family with powers has been encouraged by the audience that, during all this time, has not stopped requesting his return, but it has not been the only thing. “It is a series that empathizes in one way or another with the viewer, that excites us and this is what drives us to bring it back,” he continued explaining.

For his part, Emilio Sánchez Zaballo, Atresmedia’s manager of video and online platforms, wanted to tell the news and surprises that this new season of ‘Los protected’ brings with it: “It is a mythical series, not only for this house but for the Spanish fiction. It is a series that returns after 10 years […] The series still has its essence, but the special effects have evolved and it’s an updated series. ”

Ana Fernández, actress of ‘Los protected’. (Atresmedia)

“In the first season we were much more aware of the effects, and when we arrived and asked them about this issue, they told us that, at this stage, the powers that be were going to accompany us to the characters and that we would forget about them, “commented Ana Fernández.

Jorge Redondo: “Meeting all of them is like meeting your children”

For Jorge Redondo, executive director of Boomerang TV Ficción, being able to bring all the actors together again has been a great satisfaction: “After 8 years that have passed since we made the third season, reuniting with all of them is like reuniting with your children. It’s a joy to get the whole family back. ”

For Antonio Garrido, this statement makes a lot of sense, since from the beginning, he has been the head of the family. “There is a bond that you have forever, in real life they keep calling me ‘father’, and to see how they have grown as people and the actors is a gift “, the actor commented, before recalling a curious fact.

Luis Fernández, actor of ‘Los protected’. (Atresmedia)

“When I finished the last season, I was a father in fiction and then I was a father in reality. In this season, I am a grandfather in fiction, but I hope I am not in reality “, has commented causing the laughter of all his companions.

For Daniel Avilés it has not been easy to recover his character, since when the third installment of ‘The Protected’ ended he was just a child. “It has been quite a change. It is true that we have all grown, it is true that the series has also grown and matured. It is not what we did before. It does have the essence and magic from before, but we have grown with the series and have developed other powers. “

Ana Fernández: “We are making many people’s dreams come true”

This return has not been fortuitous, since the followers of the format have been asking for his return for a long time. “I have not seen more loyal followers. In all these years, with the appearance of social networks, there have always been people who have written to us to ask for a new season. When we received the call from Jorge the first thing I thought is that we were making a lot of people’s dreams come true “, Ana Fernández has confessed.

Javier Moreno, Borja Ruano in fiction, has confessed that on the first day of filming he felt a little scared because he did not have that special connection with the rest of the actors. “I have a special affection for Dani because we grew up together. The most important thing about this series, for me, is the support I have received from people. ”

Montse Sánchez, Director of Fiction at Atresplayer

One of the most notable absences of this return has been that of Priscila Delgado. The little girl has been replaced by Maggi García in this new installment, something that has not gone unnoticed by the followers of this production. “With Priscila it couldn’t be. Many times it can’t be due to dates or because she’s not available. That is simply why “, has clarified Montse Sánchez.

In relation to the creation of this new project, the director of Fiction at Atresmedia has made it very clear from the beginning that without the actors it could not have been carried out: “The idea is often born in parallel. Sometimes you consider going back to return to ‘The Protected’, but if you don’t have the actors it is practically impossible. The idea was born and they talked to them almost at the same time. ”

What will the new season be like?

‘The Protected: The Return’ It starts with a very powerful plot: the kidnapping of Sandra’s daughter. This is the beginning of this new story and the reason why the whole family is reunited after eight years.

This whole plot will unfold in four chapters, about 50 minutes long, which will be available on the Atresplayer Premium payment platform. “At Atresmedia we have been innovative both in the change of structure and in the change of time, always giving priority to the content. I think you are going to be left wanting to see more, it is a wonderful series”, has assured Montse Sánchez.

Although for now there is no official date for the premiere of the rest of the episodes of the series, the first episode will be previewed live next Sunday, September 19, at 8:00 p.m. “From then on, the chapter will be free for subscribers and, when we finish post-production for the rest of the episodes, we will make them available to Atresplayer Premium subscribers,” confirmed Atresmedia’s video and online platforms manager.

‘The protected: The return’ is intended to be issued on this payment platform

As for whether these chapters will be available open after their premiere on Atresplayer Premium, as has happened with ‘Los Hombres de Paco’, Emilio Sánchez and the rest of those responsible are clear: It is an original content of Atresplayer Premium, which is designed and conceived to be broadcast on this platform of payment.

Daniel Avilés, Carlitos in ‘The Protected’. (Atresmedia)

‘The protected: The return’ will consist of four episodes that, both for the chain and for the producer, is a number more than enough for the continuation of this story. “Let’s not conceive this project as a half season, but as a complete season with the duration that we think it should have,” Emilio Sánchez has made clear.

But the actors have a somewhat different opinion. Luis Fernández believes that “there are always stories to tell.” For her part, Ana Fernández fully agrees although she believes that first “You have to see how the public reacts and then we’ll see.”

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