The hit of 'Mothers' in audiences shakes Telecinco's strategy

On September 9, 2020, Telecinco premiered, after an intense promotional campaign, ‘Mothers’, the latest series starring Belén Rueda. Although the actress had always been a talisman for the channel, this time the launch barely aroused the interest of the audience: less than a million and a half viewers They appeared at the production of Alea Media, a figure that was gradually eroding until, after only eight episodes, the chain decided to interrupt its broadcasts.

Thus, a year later see the light, and with three seasons already assured given the broadcast agreement with Amazon Prime Video, the series returned to the Telecinco grid with the idea of ​​completing at least the first season, which had five episodes remaining. However, in light of the results of the first chapter, and the channel’s need to improve its performance in audiences, it seems complicated: the series has returned losing half of its faithful and remaining below half a million viewers, which translates into a very poor 5.1% share, according to the data offered by the consultancy Dos30′.

– Hearing of ‘Mothers’:

‘Mothers’ (09/09/2020): 1,429,000 and 11.3%
‘Mothers’ (09/17/2020): 1,329,000 and 12.7%
‘Mothers’ (09/24/2020): 1,293,000 and 12.2%
‘Mothers’ (10/01/2020): 1,305,000 and 13.9%
‘Mothers’ (08 // 10/2020): 1,094,000 and 12.7%
‘Mothers’ (15 // 10/2020): 959,000 and 11.3%
‘Mothers’ (22 // 10/2020): 1,020,000 and 11.7%
‘Mothers’ (29 // 10/2020): 1,028,000 and 11.7%
‘Mothers’ (09/14/21): 492,000 and 5.1%

Image of ‘Mothers’. (Telecinco)

This sounded bump, in addition, has been accompanied by ‘The Good Doctor’, which has gone from being the revelation series of the summer of 2019 to becoming a drag on Mediaset, scoring another 5% pyrrhic in Telecinco’s ‘late night’ after gathering only 231,000 followers. With these figures in hand, the chain cannot afford to maintain its strategy for Tuesday night, with Cuatro tripling these results with the broadcast of ‘Secret Story: countdown’ (15.4%) with Carlos Sobera.

The ‘reality show’ has not started off on a very good foot either, but at least its records have kept the pulse better this Tuesday against the offers of Antenna 3, leader of both the day and so far in September, something that will undoubtedly make Telecinco rethink its strategy for the coming weeks.

Earthquake on Telecinco: advances its ‘prime time’ at 8:00 p.m., with ‘High voltage’ at Cuatro

N. Coasts

The bet to advance at 8:00 p.m. the first stretch of the reality TV show has not finished bearing fruit (13.3%), remaining more than 8 points away from ‘Pasapalabra’ (21.4%), but at least its second section has improved this Tuesday the figure harvested on Monday by Lara Álvarez’s ‘Last Hour’ (8.7% Vs. 11.8%), subsequently managing to give Cuatro a joy by reaping a 15, 4% in its third and last section from 11:00 p.m.

With these data in hand, the alarms have ended up jumping in Telecinco, which he sees the need to make new changes if he wants to turn the tables on the hearings in September, in the hands of Antena 3 with seven tenths of advantage. A priori, everything seems to indicate that the channel’s most logical move would be to invest its ‘prime time’ offers on Tuesday night, leaving the broadcast of ‘Secret Story: countdown’ on Telecinco intact and relegating fictions, ‘Mothers’ and ‘The Good Doctor’, to Four. On paper it would be the most plausible option, but, seeing the chain’s last desperate moves in recent times, anything could happen in the next few hours.

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