The hidden network of the candidate for mayor of Cs in Alcobendas received contracts from his own Government

The hidden network of companies and trademarks of the current vice mayor of Ciudadanos (Cs) in Alcobendas, Aitor Retolaza, has received contracts and grants from the City Council of this Madrid municipality coinciding with the his presence in the Government, according to official documentation consulted by OKDIARIO.

Retolaza is the candidate of Cs to assume the baton of command after two years of socialist government. However, this change, which should have taken place in June, is being lengthened by the reluctance of the PSOE before the possibility that the orange mayor did not get the necessary supports within his group (there are three other councilors left). Meanwhile, his former partner and vice mayor until June, Miguel Angel Arranz, has been unsubscribed and has become unassigned.

OKDIARIO revealed this Tuesday exclusively that Retolaza has a business network that does not declare in the Transparency Portal of the Consistory. Neither in its declaration of assets, nor in its declaration of activities, does it give an account of its connection with these companies. In addition, it has not requested due compatibility to the Plenary of the City Council. Based on the information in official records, OKDIARIO was able to identify the following signatures: Runners Club; The Blue Sheep; CLC21: The blue goats: Laboratory of Ideas for your business SL; Timing and Events SL; Tcronometer and Very Important Runner. All of them are interrelated and are dedicated to the world of running and marketing.

Well, one of them, the Corredores Club received a contract of 14,820 euros last July for the provision of the service ‘Athletics School of the Sports Council’. Retolaza was president of said club between 2012 and 2019, although he maintains a connection with this entity. The secretary and person in charge of the sports management of the same is Jorge Benito, as currently reads in the organization chart of its website. Benito is 50% partner of one of the two locations that Retolaza himself declared until yesterday – he has deleted them after the publication of OKDIARIO – as real estate of his property related to “business activity.” Of course, it did not say to which companies they were linked.

Excerpt from Retolaza’s statement until Tuesday with its two premises related to “business activity.”

Until this Tuesday, the vice mayor of Alcobendas included in his declaration of assets two properties -a store in Alcobendas at 50% and another in Algete at 25% – related to “business activity”, which ended up giving him away. Based on the existing data in the Mercantile Registry and the Property Registry, it can be said that the eight firms mentioned above are active in these two locations of which Retolaza owns.

Likewise, as the person in charge of the Organization of the Corredores Club is Ruben Tenorio who is the administrator of Laboratorio de Ideas para tu Negocios SL, a firm owned 100% by Retolaza. Tenorio has also served as the club’s interlocutor with the City Council. As treasurer of Corridors appears Patricia quiles, the vice mayor’s wife.

In the same way, the Corredores Club has received in this mandate, with Retolaza in the local government, first as Security Councilor and since June as Urban Planning and Housing delegate, three subsidies from the Municipal Sports Board: 4,438.64 euros in 2019, 6,885.98 in 2020 and 8,418.78 in 2021, twice as many as two years before.

In the middle of the second wave

Dated November 2020, in the middle of the second wave of the coronavirus, there is also a sponsorship contract for the 10K race in Alcobendas that went to the Corredores Club for an amount of 12,000 euros (VAT included). At that time, Retolaza, linked to the entity through its partners, was the Security Councilor and endorsed the races – they were hardly held then in the Community of Madrid due to the pandemic – despite the reluctance of the Local police, as OKDIARIO has learned. This race, the 10K, although it had been held in the municipality years before, had not been supported by the City Council through sponsorship until then.

Decree of cession of space of the City Council in which Retolaza himself appears as a representative of the recipient entity.

To all this we must add two transfers of facilities by the Government of Retolaza, in February and September 2020, to the Corredores Club. In both decrees processed for these transfers, the Executive of PSOE-Cs did not hide the connection of the club with the orange mayor, since in the text of the same, digitally signed by the municipal services, even the name of Retolaza appears as “CEO / representative” de Corredores, recipient of the assignment of spaces by the City Council.

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