The heart made with the fingers, the military salute and other new emojis that will arrive very soon on your mobile

Unicode 14.0 is now official. The Unicode Consortium has presented the new characters included in the new version, among which are 37 new emojis that will arrive on your mobile soon.

The Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for coordinating the development of the Unicode character encoding standard, has just released Unicode 14.0, the new version of the Unicode standard.

Unicode 14.0 includes 838 new characters, of which 37 are new emojis that will soon arrive on your mobile. These new emoticons will also have 75 skin color variations, making a total of 112 new ones that are included as part of Emoji 14.0.

Although we had already seen a preview of these designs in the draft that appeared last July, now that Unicode 14.0 has been officially presented we already know for sure which are the emoticons that we will be able to start using shortly on WhatsApp and other apps on our mobile.

As we can see in Emojipedia, the emoji keyboard of our smartphones will receive new facial expressions, gestures, characters and objects.

Among the new collection of emoticons that comes with Unicode 14.0, the most important are the face that makes the military salute, the one that melts, the one that covers its mouth and the one with watery eyes.

In the gestures section The gesture that invites a handshake, the hand that points to us, the hand that crosses the forefinger and thumb, and the mouth that bites the lower lip stand out.

They also reach the emoji catalog new characters, among which the king with a crown, the pregnant man or the troll stand out.

Nor could they miss the new objects. Very soon we will be able to use the disco ball, the nest full of eggs and empty, the slide, the life preserver, the tire, the low battery indicator, the crutch or the X-ray. In the following capture you can see them all with their different skin tone variations:

The official presentation of Unicode 14.0 does not mean that we can start using the new emojis now. Following the launch of the new standard, now major vendors, such as Apple, Google or Samsung, can start to implement these emoticons in their software.

Therefore, we will still have to wait a few months until we can use the new emojis on our smartphone. From Emojipedia they point out that most of the updates will take place in the first half of 2022.

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