Are you in love or are you not? At the big reunion, everything revolved around the question of what the relationship status of Maxime and Raphael looks like after the final. But that was not the only explosive detail that was brought to light on the show.

A long journey comes to an end for the “Bachelorette”, Maxime Herbord (27). She started the eighth season of the RTL dome format with high hopes and with the desire to find love. For Maxime, however, the path ended a little differently than she had imagined. Raphael Fasching (23), the Austrian photographer, got her last rose.

After the end of the eighth season, the traditional reunion with Frauke Ludowig (57) raises the question of all questions: Are Maxime and Raphael still a couple?

After the final of“The Bachelorette”: So it went on with Maxime and Raphael

Raphael is the man who the audience least expected that he of all people would get the last rose in the end. The likeable Austrian, who is every mother-in-law’s dream, began his journey with Maxime while eating cake together. The two laughed a lot together, kissed deeply – everyone could see that they were on good terms with each other right away. “He’s so sweet and so nice. There are so many points that we can talk about together. There is something special with Raphael and I know that he sees it that way,” said Maxime after the dates.

But is it enough for the big feelings after the show and is Maxime on cloud nine with Raphael? Well, the two of them can’t answer that question exactly. Gentleman he is, Raphael has this question answered at Maxime’s big reunion. “We like each other very much,” begins this year’s Bachelorette, “and we’ve met a few times now. We still intend to do it. We’ll see where it’s going.” Raphael can only agree with that. She has been to see him in Austria a few times and he has also been to her, says the 23-year-old. Both seem a bit embarrassed, cautious and, above all, very cautious. “It increases from time to time,” reports Maxime’s chosen one. When Frauke Ludowig asked whether they were a couple, neither of them could find a correct answer. “I think we want to save a bit of this pressure and just look. It was a difficult journey for me,” explains Maxime.

Does Leon regret his voluntary exit?

The actual relationship that this evening is about is not that between Maxime and Raphael. No, two candidates in particular seem to have their own unresolved conflicts with each other: Leon (33) and Julian (28). Both were Maxime’s favorites, but then left the show voluntarily – each for their own reasons. Especially for Julian, his hurt vanity now seems to be a big issue, as becomes clear during the reunion.

But Leon seems to have only positive words for Raphael and Maxime at first. “Raphael had such a mature performance for his age. You got the last rose, and rightly so.” He can also only rave about Maxime: “Maxime, I thought that you were the best and most authentic Bachelorette that has ever existed.”

Leon now describes himself as a “coward” and in retrospect regrets his early departure, as he lets through. “I took the chance to get to know each other.” Maxime even gave the mysterious hamburger the first rose. But that was apparently not enough for him. He left Greece voluntarily because he felt physical distance and felt that there was no common denominator between the two.

However, he seemed to regret this decision so much that he is said to have written a love letter to Maxime. At least that’s what Julian claims.

Secret love letters?

However, one person seems to have come to the big reunion on a special mission: Julian. He also left the show voluntarily. In his opinion, Maxime was too “immature” for him and didn’t know what she wanted. The 28-year-old was very convinced of himself right from the start of the show: “I know, I’m cool. I know, I’m great.” The fronts between Maxime and Julian are now rather tense. Because she has meanwhile seen Julian speaking negatively about her behind her back on the show and aping her. Julian has now realized his bad behavior and apologizes to Maxime. Nevertheless, he seems to have a “twisted perception”, as Leon finds. Because when they see each other, Julian wants one thing above all else: Honesty in relation to an alleged contact between Leon and Maxime after the show. “You both can finally honestly say what you did after the show.” While both Maxime and Leon supposedly don’t know what Julian is talking about, this one is certain.

Leon is said to have written a love letter to Maxime. What’s more, he thinks he knows that the two are said to have talked to each other on the phone over and over again. He claims that Leon told him personally and that he even read the letter himself. Leon himself does not want to comment on this accusation. “Not because it is something bad,” as he says, but because he does not understand the “mission” behind it. Maxime interjects at this point: “We wrote, not on the phone.” But Julian just doesn’t want to give up. “Leon, you are a really good actor and I find it a bit antisocial to be honest.” Nobody knows what Julian is actually about at this point. Leon left before him, left the show voluntarily, so he’s no longer a competitor. After all, Maxime gave the last rose to Raphael and not Leon.

For many viewers, he was the favorite: the tattooed handsome Zico (30). The sparks seemed to fly violently between him and Maxime. But to everyone’s surprise, Maxime didn’t give him a rose after the overnight date. Her “bucket list” boy, as she once called him, because he was able to experience all the dates with her that Maxime had always been on her wish list. Whether paragliding, body painting, collecting honey or a ride in the hippie bus – the two had many tingly moments. So what doubts did Maxime have?

“With Zico, I was always worried that I didn’t really fit in with him,” she explains when she meets Frauke Ludowig again. Zico himself says that he was surprised not to have a rose. But he already suspected that he was a bit too dominant for Maxime. Nevertheless, feelings developed in the 30-year-old: “Yes, I don’t want to doubt that there were of course feelings. You are there in your bubble, have nice moments and of course something has developed during this time. It was what there, what has aroused my interest in wanting to build on it. ”

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For weeks, “The Bachelorette” Maxime Herbord dated through the selection of men in the dome show. A clear favorite around her heart has not emerged. If one of them seemed to win, he left the show voluntarily. In the final she had to choose between Raphael and Max.

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When selecting the candidates for “The Bachelorette”, RTL leaves nothing to chance. The participants are determined by a hard questionnaire.

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