The Anses Benefits program adds more stores

The program of Anses benefits added in the month of August 483 new points of sale, this was the month with the most adhesions by businesses since its inception, thus leaving a total of 6,831 points of sale adhered to the program throughout the country. Between January 2020 and August 2021, adhered businesses billed 48,283 million pesos Within the framework of the program, the beneficiaries received discounts for a total of 4,828 million pesos.

The benefits program implies that on Mondays the beneficiaries of Anses have a 10 percent off on your purchases in stores throughout the country that are part of the program, with a reimbursement limit of 1,000 pesos per operation. Once the purchase is made, the discount is credited to the beneficiary’s account within 7 business days.

In dialogue with Page | 12, Santiago Fraschina, the general secretary of Anses explained that the Anses Benefits program, in the previous administration, was only guaranteed for large chains. Currently, Anses beneficiaries can also find the program in the small shops.

“This decision to include small businesses is aimed at redirecting consumption. When we took office, the first challenge was to redesign the program to be able to include these businesses and with that we started, “said the secretary.

“The program seeks to benefit both parties, on the one hand, the beneficiaries of Anses, increasing the income available with these discounts and, on the other, the merchants attached, since having a redirection of consumption increases the amount of sales, billing and operations. Between January 2020 and August 2021, the program recorded more than 33.6 million operations. An average of 1.7 million operations per month during this period and the average monthly total billing during that period it was 2,414 million pesos.

Fraschina explained that “the 10 percent refund is paid by the merchant and in exchange for this effort, the function of Anses is to redirect consumption to participating businesses.” And he added that “through different tools, we disseminate which are the adhered businesses and what begins to happen is that the beneficiary of Anses begins to buy in those businesses because they know that there they have that 10 percent reimbursement per operation. For example After joining, we grant a sticker so that merchants can stick it on the door of their premises and that our beneficiaries know that this commerce is part of the program. “

The universe of beneficiaries today reaches 18,343,464 people that charge some of the benefits that the Anses pays on their debit card. This includes: retirees and pensioners, people who receive the universal pension for the elderly, people who receive non-contributory pensions, those who receive the pregnancy allowance (AxE), beneficiaries of the Progresar scholarships, also those who receive an unemployment benefit, who receive family allowances (SUAF) or universal child allowance (AUH).

The businesses that participate in the program range from supermarkets and warehouses to bookstores, clothing and corralons. The adhesion of the merchants is voluntary and is done through the Anses benefits page, the only requirement that the entity demands is that the merchant have a posnet to be able to pass the debit card.

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