The Andalusian PP recalls that María Jesús Montero has "a lot to do" with corruption in Faffe

The PP Andaluz has accused this Wednesday the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, of having “much to do” with corruption in Andalusian Foundation Training and Employment Fund (Faffe). The PP-A parliamentary spokesperson, José Antonio Nieto, has recalled that “the outcome” of the foundation, by which the workers of the same were subrogated in the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE)“She signed it” in her time as Minister of the Treasury, as she has remarked.

The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, José Antonio Nieto, has defended this Wednesday that his formation requested the appearance of Carmen Ibanco -wife of the Secretary General of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas– to testify in the commission of inquiry about the defunct Andalusian Foundation Training and Employment Fund (Faffe) to «prove that what the PP maintains it’s not an opinion“Of his party, but” an objective fact “, referring to the situation of” permanent irregularity “that occurred in the hiring of said entity.

This has been stated Jose Antonio Nieto in a press conference in the Andalusian Parliament in which he defended that the aforementioned commission of inquiry exists in the Chamber “because it is promoted by the PP” to “analyze some facts and, from there, check if there are political responsibilities.”

After what Juan Espadas criticized this Tuesday the summons to testify in said commission of his wife, framing her in a “political hunt” of PP, Citizens (Cs) and Vox, the ‘popular’ parliamentary spokesman has argued that the appearance of Carmen Ibanco, who worked in the Faffe, it is “one more” of which the Popular Group has been requesting “to prove that what the PP maintains is not an opinion of the PP, but an objective fact that has to be proven.”

In this regard, he has argued that in the Faffe ‘case’ On the one hand, there are «scandalous expenses that should never have been incurred and are the result of a lack of control», as well as «exorbitant rents and without justification that supposed a very high cost for that public foundation», and «contracts rigged with colleagues, with friends, to whom, without provision of service in return, very large amounts of public money were contributed ».


Nieto has also indicated that around the Faffe there were “millionaire subsidies that were not justified”, and “a personnel problem”, the “absolute evidence that there has been plugging, intrusion and nepotism”, something of which, in his opinion, Carmen Ibanco it is “a clear example.”

“We have tried to put on the table concrete cases of what we have said”, as well as that the commission “came those who led the show”, although some of them came when they were summoned but refused to answer the questions of the deputies, and others “not even” made an appearance, according to criticized.

grandson He has pointed out that the investigation commission is there to “settle political responsibilities”, something that he does not ask of Ibanco because he understands that he does not have them, as he does believe that they can be attributed to “those who led, promoted that black machine that was Faffe », As has abounded.


Similarly, the parliamentary spokesperson for the PP-A has summoned Espadas that, if he defends that with him “a new stage begins in the Andalusian PSOE”, he begins “by apologizing for the cases of corruption of the PSOE in Andalusia”, as well as by “committing to the PSOE Andalusian finally collaborate with the Justice “, and” to also work for transparency in Parliament “, as well as” to ask his party colleagues “who,” like him “, were” senior leaders of the Junta in the stage of the facts »that are investigated, that “Appear in commission” from Faffe.

“That is what will make those who are truly responsible appear and show their faces and assume their responsibility,” said José Antonio Nieto, who regretted that former Board members and current socialist parliamentarians such as Javier Carnero or Antonio Ramírez de Arellano did not testify in the commission despite being summoned, and that the current Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, did not attend it.

He added that when PP-A makes “an accusation” it is because they are “Founded, supported by data, facts.” “We do not want criminalize to anyone, but we know what we are saying “, and” here the problem is the corruption system promoted by the PSOE for its own benefit“Said the ‘popular’ spokesman.

In the same way, he has defended that in the Popular Group they have received the “directive” of the President of the Board and PP-A, Juanma Moreno, to be guided “always” by the “transparency”, and dedicate “the time that is necessary, the maximum rigor and effort” to “Get deep into the research and the data”, and that, “when we make an accusation,” it has «too many fundamentals», as concluded.

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