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  • The businessman wins the bet and stays at Eda’s house for two weeks

  • Serkan goes ahead with his plan to win back Eda

  • The new episodes of ‘Love is in the air’, from Monday to Friday at 5:45 p.m.

Serkan is willing to get Eda back at any cost and in the next chapter of ‘Love is in the air’ he will go ahead with his plan to show that he is a different man and that you can trust him to start a family. Taking advantage of Kerem’s appearance and hearing her complaints about him, the businessman will show himself as a new person and does something that Eda would never have imagined. Trust the gardener!

In an unprecedented act, Serkan give you a new project to prove your worth and gives him the keys to his house to settle there. And it seems that his plan works! What’s going on in Eda’s head when she sees him go?

Serkan catches Eda and wins the bet

We cannot deny it. Serkan is working on it. And a lot. Five years after kicking Eda out of his life, the businessman is trying to fix his past mistakes and get a new chance with her. With her and with Kiraz. And Eda has put it on a platter! The florist has fallen into her own trap. “If he doesn’t catch me telling a lie he’ll be gone tomorrow. We sleep in the same room. I can only confess this to you. I like to have him with me but if I tell him he will settle here with me “he tells Melo without realizing that he just lost the bet.

Of course, Serkan is going to collect the debt immediately. “Wow, so you lied to me. What does that mean? You lost the bet and you know there is nothing I like more than winning. My stay is lengthening. That was the deal. Tomorrow I’ll go get my things, “he tells Eda with a malicious smile after realizing that a reconciliation is possible.

Serkan, after winning the bet

Eda’s trap

For two weeks Serkan will stay at Eda’s house with the sole intention of becoming a family. And it won’t take long for you to take the first step! As soon as you know that you have won the bet, the businessman removes the mattress from the floor with the intention of sharing his ex’s bed.

It’s gotten out of hand! It seems incredible that after so long he does not know Eda, that of course he is not going to go through the hoop. The florist has no intention of backing down and getting carried away and sets a trap for her ex, who of course falls flat. “You look at me that way again. With the look from five years ago. It’s a long time. Maybe we shouldn’t resist. We shouldn’t think too much. Serkan, don’t you think it’s very hot? Do you want to open the door? “, She says seductively just before leave him sleeping on the balcony.

Eda and Serkan, in the bedroom

The nursery, a new problem between Eda and Serkan

Serkan has everything perfectly planned and does not intend to leave any loose ends. In his bid to be the perfect man for Eda, he decides to create an office nursery with the intention that the three of them can spend more time together. And works. Although at first Eda reproaches her for continuing to make decisions without counting on her, finally the family ends up in the office with Eda wondering what is happening. “How did I end up here again?” Serkan’s answer will be clear. “You are where you need to be.”

Eda and Serkan, confronted by the nursery

Aydan’s secret

And while Serkan keeps trying to win back Eda and start a new life with her and little Kiraz, Kemal reminds him of an encounter they had years ago, when Serkan’s mother and her ex-husband were having one of their worst moments. Will this change anything?

Eda and Serkan’s love story, every afternoon at Divinity

Serkan has found the perfect way to get closer to Eda. The judge’s decision gives a unique opportunity to the businessman, who has Kiraz in his favor, who wants to become a real family. What will happen during these days living under the same roof? Will they be able to overcome their differences and become a family? If you want to know what happens between them and how the love story of Eda and Serkan ends, you cannot miss your daily date with ‘Love is in the air’. Monday through Friday at 5:45 p.m., at Divinity.

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