SEPE's help to the self-employed: so they can collect unemployment while they work

The unemployment situation is the most complicated for a worker. If you meet the requirements, you can collect unemployment, a contributory benefit that serves as a lifeline to cover you financially in that period without pay until you search for a new job. A help that, in addition, can be maintained if this worker decides to be self-employed, that is, to become self-employed.

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) explains on its website that a self-employed person who registered and was receiving unemployment after being unemployed you have the option of continue to collect the benefit during the first months of your new activity as a self-employed worker.

This aid is conceived as a relief for the economic situation of the self-employed person in that first stage that is more susceptible to suffering losses because it is the one in which the business starts up and in which, traditionally, income is slow to arrive.

To achieve this, the self-employed person must ask to make the unemployment compatible with their activity within a period of 15 days from the start of the activity. If it does, You will be able to collect the benefit for a maximum period of 270 days or, if it is shorter, during the period that you have. Only the personal income tax will be deducted, but the Social Security contribution will not be deducted.

The SEPE informs that the self-employed who register as “partners of newly created labor companies or working partners of newly created associate work cooperatives” are also entitled to this benefit, although if they start an activity part-time or full-time employed persons will stop collecting unemployment immediately.

Which freelancers can’t do it

It is not the only circumstance in which the self-employed will lose the right to collect unemployment while they carry out their activity. The SEPE includes a series of incompatibilities:

-The self-employed who join a newly created associated work cooperative or newly created labor society without registering with Social Security.

-The self-employed who register to join as partners of a commercial company.

-The self-employed who register and whose last job was self-employed.

-The self-employed who have already benefited from this right in the 24 months prior to the application.

-The self-employed who have benefited from the one-time unemployment payment in the 24 months prior to the application.

-The self-employed who, upon registering, sign a contract with the employer for whom they had been employed immediately before the legal situation of unemployment, or with a company of the same business group.

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