'Secret Story': Sofía Cristo destroys Bárbara Rey by telling that she suffered sexual abuse

It was undoubtedly the most shocking moment of the night and of what we have been editing in ‘Secret Story’. Sofía Cristo has had to face the ‘line of the secrets of her life’ before the entire audience and has revealed one in particular that the soul of half Spain has broken, especially that of her mother Bárbara Rey, who has heard everything live.

“In that orange room one day with a close person, which I will never say, I suffer sexual abuse with 5 years. I did not understand what that was until I was older. “So clear and emphatic and crying her eyes out, Sofía shared with the audience her greatest ordeal when she had just practically learned to speak.

“My poor thing, my poor thing. What have they done to you! Sons of p …!”

A secret that nobody knew until now, saving his two best friends and his therapist. “I have never told my mother or my brother, they are finding out now, because that person is a very close person to us, “he continued to reveal, to add even more pain to such a terrible story.

The confession has caught his mother so suddenly that Carlos Sobera has been forced to cut the contestant’s story to console Bárbara Rey, who for obvious reasons was able to speak to him live: “I haven’t noticed anything, I I just found out about all that. Sorry, Sofia. My daughter, why didn’t you say anything, darling?“.

Bárbara Rey and Sofía Cristo, in ‘Secret Story’. (Mediaset)

The young woman only managed to say “sorry!”, constantly, something that the presenter cut to express his deepest and most sincere opinion on the matter. “You were not to blame for anything and what you are doing is absolutely wonderful, because there are many people who suffer sexual abuse and do not say it“.

And he added: “What you do is give a bloody example to all of society. Far from regretting it, be very proud of what you are doing, because this country needs people like you, with two balls well placed“. The mother, broken with pain, interrupted to calm the crying that her daughter also had:” Oh, my girl! I love you with my heart and with my soul. ”

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I needed to tell it in order to continue being the luckiest and happiest person in the world. and for what I thank God every day, “added Sofía, wiping her tears.” My poor thing, my poor thing. What have they done to you! Sons of p …! I adore you honey, you are the best there is in the world. I didn’t realize it, I was working … “, the mother wanted to finish off with an overdose of suffering for finding out the worst that could happen to her little girl.

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