'Secret Story' removes the mask on Telecinco: the 'heart' prevails over secrets

‘Secret Story’ hosted on Tuesday the first confrontation between two of its participants after Isabel Rábado had pressed the program button as soon as it was activated. The collaborator of ‘Ya es noon’ made use of this right and soon after, Dani and Jesús (Gemeliers) did too. All of them believed they had guessed Julen’s secret, however, they were wrong.

All the participants of ‘The house of secrets’ hide a secret that they must keep safe while they try to reveal those of the rest. This game, in addition to being the basis of the ‘reality’, vertebrates the coexistence within the house. This is the premise with which Mediaset España has sold ‘Secret Story’ to viewers, however, it has not taken too long to prioritize other matters.

Telecinco promoted the first confrontation for several days and finally did not offer it

Last night, shortly after the broadcast of ‘SS: the countdown’ jumped from Telecinco to Cuatro, Carlos Sobera asked Julen and Isabel Rábago to leave the room to go to ‘El cubo’. “In only six minutes we will return, and we will do it with the confrontation between Isabel and Julen”. The presenter gave way to publicity, but on his return he surprised viewers with a cut that few understood.

Carlos Sobera interrupts the confrontation just at the beginning. (Mediaset)

“Julen and Isabel, welcome to the first confrontation of ‘The house of secrets’. Julen, don’t say anything until I finish all my explanation,” the voice of the house advanced. “Isabel thinks your secret is … ‘I’m my father’s brother’. She will try to get as much information out of you as possible and you can use whatever strategy you want …”. At that moment, Sobera interrupted the connection with ‘The cube’ to go to another point of the house: “Later we will see how the confrontation between the two went, but first we go with Sofia because she is ready.” Ready? Isabel and Julen were ready and about to start the confrontation at that time, but the program chose to bet on other content, a priori, much more shocking.

There were few viewers who criticized this new Mediaset movement. The program, without any blush, gave absolute priority to ‘The Secret Line of Life’ by Sofía Cristo, aware of the bombshell that the participant wanted to share with the audience. Couldn’t it be another time? The program deprived the audience of ‘Secret Story’ from being able to follow the first confrontation of the edition live, something that the followers of the ‘reality’ were eager to see. There will be many more, of course, but will we see them live?

Sofía reveals that she suffered abuse when she was just a child. (Mediaset)

“Sofía Cristo, in addition to her official secret with which she plays, confessed another absolutely heartbreaking secret that no one knows, not even her mother,” assured Carlos Sobera. The presenter made it clear that the program was aware of the shocking story that Sofía has kept secret for years. “During the casting process, she told members of the show and, in her own words, felt liberated. An episode that should never have happened because they are events that no one in the world would have to suffer and that have clearly marked his life. “As Sobera advanced,” to finally feel at peace “Sofía had decided to tell about it on the program.

Bárbara Rey lived from the set the heartbreaking testimony of her daughter. (Mediaset)

So the program decided to leave the true mechanics of the program in the background to offer at that precise moment a journey through the life of one of its participants; a content that, above all, usually serves to feed content to the rest of the channel’s programs. ‘The curve of life’ or ‘The bridge of emotions’ have become essential tests in recent years in this type of reality television formats (‘GH VIP’, ‘Survivors’ …). And ‘Secret Story’ will not be the exception.

The program made Sofia’s “secret line” coincide with the first confrontation

What Nobody understands it is the strange counterprogramming in which ‘Secret Story’ fell last night. It was the organization of the ‘reality’ that called the contestants for the first confrontation and that, at the same time, also gave way to Sofía Cristo to talk about her life. With so many hours of broadcast, it is incomprehensible that the program did not have enough time for two of its great tests not to coincide at the same time. There will probably be time to see that first confrontation in any other space in the chain, but it will not be the same. The result we already know. It is like watching a football game delayed after knowing the result.

After the confrontation, Isabel confirmed her suspicions and pressed the button again, convinced that her reasoning was correct. Sonsoles Ónega’s collaborator believed she had found Julen’s secret, however, The young man knew how to play his cards very well and pretended to his partner that he had been discovered.

Isabel Rábago hands over her sphere to Julen. (Mediaset)

“Don’t worry,” Sobera told Isabel after ‘losing’ in the confrontation with Julen. “It is true that you stay if your sphere and You no longer have the possibility to play, but you will have it at the time. The program will create enough mechanisms so that you can recover a sphere and continue playing and, therefore, continue betting on discovering the secret of one of your companions. It does not end here, as you will be able to recover a new sphere “.

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