Sara Sálamo explains why she does not take her son to school and the networks are burning against her

Sara Salamo He is once again in the center of the target for many on social networks, although many others support him for his latest reflection. And it is that the couple of Isco Alarcón and mother of their two youngest children has explained why is she not in favor of taking her young children to school, ttrying to start an in-depth debate on this topic, but arousing the anger and reproaches of many users.

The Canarian actress has shown “one hundred percent agreement” with the theory of the perinatal psychologist and psychotherapist Paola Roig that “leaving our children crying on the first day of school is not normal” and tries to argue it. “No. I’m not ready to disappear from your sight and spend one, two or six hours crying waiting to see if I come back. No.
I am not criticizing families who are subjected to having to do so.
No. I do not agree that ‘what we have always done’ is what is right, “he says.

“No. My mother and father did NOT minimize my pain and that I was not prepared to spend so many hours in a place that I had never seen, surrounded by strangers. So they also looked for another alternative until I took the necessary security. No. I don’t think validating my children’s feelings will make them spoiled.. No. I am not one of those who when they fall I tell them ‘nothing happens, you are very strong’. If not, I offer my help and hug them, “adds the actress.

Sara Sálamo ends like this: «It is obvious that I speak from a privileged place. Where am I a white, straight, European woman who can take my children with me to work or hire someone to take care of them at home. But from my privileged places I can also report that things are not done well. That conciliation is a utopia. So what I don’t think any father or mother is comfortable leaving their children in the hands of a (totally unknown to us and our babies) when she cries inconsolably. “

«I don’t have the solution to all this. But I feel the responsibility to generate a debate, to ask ourselves questions and perhaps, making a pineapple, to change things between all of us. We just have to take a look at neighboring countries like Finland, England and Germany, where the adaptation periods are much more personalized. And where maternity and paternity leave… They are quite different. And of course, the conciliation CANNOT HAPPEN BY GIVING UP OUR CAREERS “, concludes Isco’s couple, to whom countless responses have arrived talking about the need to work to get ahead and that whatever the age of the child is always he will cry with these kinds of changes, with three, five or seven years.

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