Salvio and his desire to return: "With River, on the bank or fighting a place"

The February 28 of this year, in a duel vs. Sarmiento, Eduardo Salvio felt that ugly and worrying pain in his left knee, the same one that had already suffered a torn ligament when he played for Benfica. And yes, the bad was repeated. Toto got down, cried “what he had to cry”, but he’s ready to come back. And he is excited about being in the Super: “With River, on the bench or fighting a place.”

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“The recovery was very slow for me … The desire is there, the recovery too, the injury is something past, andThese last months and weeks is to finish with my preparation to return well with the group and to be at the disposal of Sebastián. I’m right in the head “, Salvio released on ESPN, recounting how he has been spending the last six months.

Salvio training with ball:

its illusion is to be the classic, on October 3 at the Monumental, is full. The thing is Toto knows that times give him. He has been doing work with the group for a few days and this Wednesday he trained with ball with some youth who went to help him at Casa Amarilla. He does not lose a day.

“When it just happened to me, The first week was very hard, I lamented, I cried what I had to cry, but I have already set the goal of recovering well. This whole process was good, positive, there were no setbacks, we continued at a steady pace making a good recovery. I am excited to come back, do things well and join the team as soon as possible, “added the 31-year-old.

Salvio’s word:

Eye, you have not yet been discharged, which is agreed, according to the medical body and the player himself, for September 23, one day after Boca in front of Patronato for the Argentine Cup, in Santiago del Estero. If everything continues as before, without setbacks or worries, that Thursday he would be discharged. And ten days away, River.

“With River, on the bank or fighting a place. If you ask me, I want to be there. A couple of weeks ago I wasn’t looking at the fixture that much. Yes, I drove Dr. Batista crazy, (I asked him) when was he going to get back on the bike, when to run again … AND I did not have an exact date, but I would love to play with River, “added Toto, letting you see your desire, but knowing that anxiety should not win you over.

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Salvio had surgery on March 8 and from there began its countdown. He worked at full capacity with Dr. Jorge Batista, who was setting the times for him. “He set a date, I already feel normal, but he set a date that is for next week. Join me and enter as soon as possible,” Eduardo commented. The date is the one mentioned, the discharge date, for 9/23.

Salvio's training.

Salvio’s training.

“Since this happened to me, I have the illusion of returning as soon as possible, I always like to play everything and I try to take care of myself, to prepare myself … You take care of yourself a lot, in meals, training in the afternoons. When these things happen, they hurt, but I am strong in my head, “he repeated. Resilience is part of his being, which is why he has already overcome two ligament tears and is on another comeback.

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Boca and Sebastián are waiting for you. It will be a reinforcement and one more option in search of that goal that the team is missing.

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