Rozy is the Korean influencer of the moment with hundreds of brands sponsoring her, even if it is a virtual profile made by CGI

Virtual influencers they are gaining more and more ground on social platforms. Something that we saw explode in 2018 in the last three years has not stopped growing. Generated by CGI, these influencers neither age nor get into controversy. The latest proof of success is Rozy, a Korean influencer with hundreds of sponsorships and close to making over a million dollars this year.

Rozy is the brainchild of marketing company Sidus Studio X. In recent statements from its CEO, Rozy currently has multi-company advertising contracts and a significant amount of endorsements, more than 100 backers by now. Likewise, he indicated that the influencer You will be able to earn more than KRW 1 billion by the end of this year, about a million euros to change.

What makes Rozy spacey? Nothing really, it’s just what makes it special. They stated that they did not use a real person to model their looks and they did not take western beauty as the standard either. Rozy is promoted as a young woman from South Korea with facial features and customs typical of these young women.

Neither scandals nor aging

They are the two great advantages of Rozy and many other virtual influencers. Being simply products of a company, They do not have real life therefore they are not exposed to problems or the passage of time. Rozy, for example, is 22 years old and will stay that way forever.

The other aspect is that of public scandals. By not having a life outside the computer, the virtual influencer does not get in trouble or is exposed to them. It is simply an avatar that appears only in scenes specifically planned and generated by the company behind it. This makes brands trust these influencers more, with the peace of mind that their reputation will not be tarnished in the future.

Rozy’s future happens to get into movies, television series and public programs as indicated. He currently has more than 70 thousand followers on Instagram and if you look at his recent publications, he advertises the most varied products, such as makeup or the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Other influencers by CGI and virtual characters who have triumphed in recent years are, for example, the virtual singer of the K-Pop group ‘aespa “or the virtual model Shudu (not without a lack of controversy involved). Ayayi’s realism or the millions that are already there are also relevant. winning the famous Lil Miquela.

Via | Business Insider

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