Remkes gauges support for minority government: Rutte swears good relationship with Kaag

Rutte is the first to join Remkes on Wednesday morning and does not want to say much about that conversation afterwards, because he finds that ‘not wise’. When asked about his relationship with Kaag, who lashed out at him last week in her HJ Schoo lecture, he insists that it is ‘good’: “We have an intensive collaboration.”

Good relations between the two are necessary now that there seem to be only three parties left, in addition to VVD and D66, that is CDA, which are prepared to rule together. And even that remains to be seen, because D66 seems to have little appetite for joining a minority cabinet with VVD and CDA.

Remkes himself invited the parties on Wednesday that have supported the motion to make him an informateur and have not yet visited: Groep Van Haga, Volt, Fraction Den Haan, SGP and JA21. Support for a minority government certainly does not seem obvious. PvdA and GL have previously indicated that they do not feel much in favor of this. CU states that it wants to be constructive, but not to become a ‘tolerance friend’ of a new cabinet.

Van der Staaij

Law-abiding SGP leader Kees van der Staaij also announced on Wednesday that it is ‘less obvious to him to make tolerance agreements with parties’. He also questions how constructive his own party will be. “If it is true that they are now shooting CU for a majority cabinet, by going the wrong way on ethical points in our view, then we have to think about how we position ourselves. Then it is not obvious that we are constructive about it.”

The other parties that come along on Wednesday morning seem mainly interested in supporting ideas that please their party. “If there are enough good points for us, of course,” says Wybren van Haga when asked whether he wants to offer tolerance support. Volt leader Laurens Dassen speaks of a ‘constructive position’: “We will assess ambitious proposals on their merits and possibly also support them.” Liane den Haan says that a minority cabinet seems ‘very nice’ to her: “I will always judge everything on the content.”

The small parties also have their own preferences about which possible governing parties should predominate in a minority government. “D66 has to give in a bit and not pretend that they have won the elections,” says Van Haga. Dassen says that Volts prefers D66: “That is a party we are closer to.” Van der Staaij wants CDA to join again. He thinks VVD and D66 alone are ‘too one-sidedly liberal’.

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