Realme Band 2: A Leap Forward in a Bracelet That Retains Simplicity and Takedown Price

Really just announced the new Realme Band 2. Unlike its watches, which have been renewed several times, the Realme Band had not known a successor to date. But it has finally arrived and, indeed, it represents a significant leap in terms of design and functions.

The device has been announced in Malaysia and, at the moment, there is no news about his possible arrival in Spain. In any case, almost all the wearables that Realme launches in India, Malaysia and China they usually arrive in Spain at some point, so it wouldn’t be weird for him to end up doing it. We will be waiting to update this article if necessary.

Realme Band 2 datasheet

Realme band 2

dimensions and weight

259,8 x 24,6 x 12,1 mm

27.3 grams


1.4 inch

Resolution 320 x 167 pixels



18 mm

150-200 mm




GH3011 (HR, HRV, SpO2)

Three-axis accelerometer




50 meters


204 mAh

Magnetic charge


Android 5.1 or higher

iOS 11 or higher


Bluetooth 5.1


90 sports modes

Sleep analysis

50 covers

Control AIoT

Musical control

Camera control

menstrual cycle monitor

Stress monitor


About 22 euros to change

A familiar design, a simple bracelet

Realme Band 2 1Realme Band 2 1

The Realme Band 2 is a whole evolution with respect to the Realme Band. However, it is still a simple wearable designed to monitor our heart rate, sports sessions, sleep and blood oxygen level.

It is quite light (27.3 grams) and its thickness is 12.1 millimeters. The strap is 18 millimeters and adjustable to 150-200 millimeters. The company will sell several straps with different designs, so it can be customized to our liking.

Realme Band 2 2Realme Band 2 2

The design is clearly reminiscent of the Huawei Watch Fit, insofar as it has a rectangular box with slightly curved edges. The screen, however, is much smaller and does not occupy the entire front. Its size is 1.4 inches and the resolution stays at 320 x 167 pixels. It is tactile and should be noted because the original Realme Band was not.

At the bottom we find a sensor GH3011 developed by Goodix. This sensor has three LEDs, a photodiode, and supports functions such as heart rate readings, heart rate variability, and SpO2. Of course, the bracelet can also analyze our sleep, something that we already know from many other devices.

Realme Band 2Realme Band 2

For the sports section, Realme ensures that its bracelet is capable of monitor up to 90 sports (not bad if we assume that the Realme Band only supported nine). However, all these sports will arrive later after an OTA update. The company does not mention that the bracelet has integrated GPS, although it would be strange seeing its price.

Lastly, let’s talk about the battery and charging system. The Realme Band 2 has 204 mAh (the Realme Band had 90 mAh) and promises up to two weeks of autonomy. That, however, will depend on the use we make. On the other hand, the charge is now magnetic and not via USB port like the original model.

Realme Band 2 versions and price

The Realme Band 2 It has been announced in Malaysia and, at the moment, there is no news about its possible arrival in Spain. However, it would not be strange if he ended up doing it at some point. In Malaysia its price is 169 RMB which, in exchange, is approximately 22 euros.

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