Psychology: 6 signs that you should take care of yourself instead of others

6 signs that you should take care of yourself instead of others

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Always an open ear, with words and deeds on the spot – especially the people who care a lot about others often forget themselves. This is not without consequences. We’ll show you six symptoms that will show you it’s time to think about yourself.

When your: e friend calls in, you always answer. If she is troubled, you are also there at night. You will be happy to explain the new system to your colleagues and of course you will take care of the birthday picnic. Your: e mother is lonely, you visit her as often as possible after a long day at work. When your: e partner: in suggests going to the family celebration on the weekend, you of course agree to bake the cake for it. And then one morning you wake up and you’re just tired.

Being there for one another is the basis of many interpersonal relationships. But especially empathetic people tend to give themselves up in all the giving. This is often not done consciously. For a long time it can feel natural to take care of others. The only difference is that it is precisely in this self-evident fact that the problem lies – which can manifest itself both externally in a lack of appreciation and in oneself with excessive devotion.

The key word is setting limits. We actually know that too and have we even talked to a therapist about it before. The problem is, we often miss the point in time to draw that clear line. Until at some point our body pulls the emergency brake. Let’s not let it get that far and, for a change, make sure to take care of ourselves. We have collected a few creeping symptoms that can show you that it is time to take care of yourself. To do something good for you. And to follow your needs.

You don’t know what to wear

Yes, even going to the closet can tell us something about our mental health. When we are overloaded, it is often difficult for us to make the smallest decisions that we otherwise make on the side. If we pay attention to this little warning signal, we can immediately listen inside to see whether we are at peace with ourselves – and where the shoe pinches.

You have nightmares

Our subconscious can be pretty mean – and at night hold in front of us what we suppress during the day. Let’s take the time during the day to deal with what is really on our minds. Because that often only comes out when we come to rest in between.

You cry when you go shopping

If we don’t, our body will sound the alarm at some point. Then he can seem like a small child kicking on the floor in the supermarket: uncontrollable. Even if he gets in touch at moments when we don’t like it at all, we shouldn’t hold it against him, we should even be grateful. Our body is crying out for attention.

The mountain of laundry makes your heart racing

When we put all of our energy into solving other people’s problems, they may be full of love – and we may feel empty. Then even the smallest tasks act like a huge burden on us, because even if we have physical strength, we are too emotionally exhausted. We won’t be offended by the laundry if we ignore it. Our psyche does.

You are so very tired

Have you slept long enough and are still tired? Plug out. When the emotional energy is draining the physical, it is time to do us something good. And just to think about yourself and your own needs.

Suddenly you don’t feel like meeting friends anymore

And at some point, even in the area in which you are actually best, the air is out. You slowly notice how you don’t feel like meeting your friends anymore. Deadlines are viewed as commitments that are worked through. If you catch yourself doing it, you’d better pull the emergency brake and be honest: to yourself, but also to your loved ones. Tell them you need time for yourself right now. Think about who and what is taking over you. And at which meetings you feel relaxation instead of stress. When your batteries are recharged, your social streak will come back all by itself. Promised.

As always, we all feel listless, tired and in a bad mood from time to time. If the negative feelings persist, however, expert advice is required. If the symptoms persist, do not hesitate to consult a: n doctor: in or a: n therapist: in. The load is much easier to carry as a couple.


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