Papst Franziskus: "Abtreibung ist Mord" – Kein Ehesakrament für Homosexuelle

15 Sep. 2021 20:01 o’clock

The Catholic Church remains tough on abortion and marriage for homosexuals. Abortions are murder. Homosexuals could live together in civil partnerships. A marriage by the church is excluded.

Pope Francis condemned abortion on the return flight from his trip to Slovakia. The 84-year-old head of the Catholic Church told journalists on Wednesday:

“Abortion is more than a problem, it is murder.”

Scientifically speaking, it was a human life, he said. “How are you supposed to accept daily murder?” The Argentine asked further. That is why the church is so tough on this issue.

Pope Francis had already spoken out negative about abortion in the past. He also referred to the push by American bishops to ban President Joe Biden from taking communion because of his abortion policy. Biden is a Catholic.

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Francis declared that the bishops should be bishops and deal pastorally with the matter. If one does not act like a “shepherd”, such issues would immediately become a political issue. Francis had previously been on a four-day trip to Budapest and Slovakia. His plane landed in Italy’s capital Rome on Wednesday afternoon.

Pope Francis continues to rule out marriage for homosexual couples in the Catholic Church. Marriage is a sacrament and the church does not have the power to change it, the Catholic head of the church told journalists on Wednesday on the return flight from Slovakia. It is important to help people of a different gender orientation, but without imposing things on the church that do not work there.

Francis referred to state regulations, such as the civil solidarity pact (Pacs) in France, which enables a civil partnership. If a homosexual couple wants to live together, there are civil ways in the States to support them, he said. “But marriage is marriage.” However, that does not mean that you want to condemn people. Everyone has to be respected, but the Pope emphasizes:

“But please don’t force the church to deny its truth.”

The Catholic Church is struggling with the issue of homosexuality. In the spring, the ban on blessings for homosexual couples caused a great stir. In Germany, however, some priests had blessed couples against the instructions of the Holy See.

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