"Networks are created by the best brains in the world": the dangers of device addiction

‘The Wall Street Journal’ exclusively published internal Facebook documents in which it was recorded the dangers of addiction that the use of Instagram carries, which specifically affects adolescents. In some places in Mallorca, you are already seeing queues to take a photo with the sunset in the background.

The Netflix documentary, ‘The Dilemma of the Networks’, highlights how the networks had created addictive tissues that trapped the most vulnerable. The great gurus of Silicon Valley have imposed on their own children a ‘digital diet’ to prevent them from falling into the traps they have created.

Networks, created by the best brains in the world

The data is there. 32% of girls say that when they feel bad about their body, Instagram makes them feel worse and 40% of young women who felt unattractive did so because of this social network.

The psychologist Gabriela Paoli, who is also the author of the book, has appeared at ‘La Ventana’ ” Digital health: keys to a healthy use of technology’.

Paoli cautions that the tech industry is highly profitable: “Devices and networks are created by the best brains in the world. They analyze our behavior and know more than we do ”.

The like generates dopamine

Preadolescents still do not have consolidated certain cognitive structures that are responsible for impulse control, so they are more exposed to the physical component of social networks. “The kick of the like is one of dopamine”, the neurotransmitters that are responsible for regulating pleasant sensations.

Young people must be careful because the risks they face not only exist in the present, but can also be projected into the future, with the construction of digital identity. Companies are increasingly looking at the public profiles of the people they want to hire.

Parents must help their children

“It is very important that parents are present,” said the psychologist. Since, this added to the need to “educate in values” can determine the relationship with children and can save them from depression and anxiety in the era in which “now is to tell you, then I exist”, and in which “We are ceasing to be the real self, to be the ideal self of the networks.”

Many children have three different accounts. The official one, the one with best friends and the one used to ‘stalk’ or sniff out the rest. It has gone from telling stories to telling accounts.

You have to be very careful with what you feed your children: “Parents never have to lose that they are a reference” and it is essential that adolescents receive an education in emotional issues. “If your son is with complexes, we have to be accompanying them,” Paoli has advised.

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