Neighbors on alert for an attempted usurpation in a Sicardi wetland

the land at risk according to the residents of the area / the day

Once again, the rapid action of the residents of Parque Sicardi managed to stop a new attempt at encroachment in 643 and 8, a wetland area in which there were similar trials. “For years we have a group to communicate and establish alerts; It is not the first time it has happened to us and that area must be protected to avoid floods, “a neighbor told this newspaper.

According to people in the area, this time everything happened in the morning, when a neighbor observed that a group of people began to weed the land. They quickly contacted the police and the communal delegation, from where they were notified that there was no planned work on those lands.

“We were struck by the fact that a truck stopped and they started cleaning. We know that this belongs to an organization ”, assured a neighbor. The wetland develops between streets that go from 8 to 10, and from 641 to 643, an enclave on the border between Parque Sicardi and Arana.

On this occasion, as happened in others, in recent years, the neighbors managed to get people to give up and leave.

“Both those who live nearby, and those who have weekend houses in that area, we are in permanent contact to prevent them from usurping that and other land in the neighborhood,” said a woman who contacted EL DIA.

As is known, wetlands are areas that remain in flood conditions or with soil saturated with water for considerable periods of time. All wetlands share a fundamental property: water is the key element that defines their physical, plant and animal characteristics and their relationships. For this reason, there are technical recommendations regarding avoiding urban projects. That, in order not to damage biodiversity and conserve a space that buffers floods.

Wetlands play an important role in flood control. They can act like sponges, absorbing water from rainfall and river flooding, and allowing it to seep more slowly through soil and vegetation, thereby reducing the speed and volume of water flowing downstream.

The encroachment attempts have other antecedents in the area.

In 2010 political organizations tried to establish a settlement. At various points in the stream that runs through the area, the construction of “linear flooded parks” had been planned.

People came forward who recognized themselves as the owners of the plots and began earth movements in the lands that make up the wetland and constitute a land for absorbing rainwater and the Garibaldi stream course.

Also, in November 2019 the neighbors denounced that a private company was working without authorization from the Municipality, in 643 and 8, where the protected wetland is located and it was feared that it was another usurpation attempt.

The illegal filling of the wetland was stopped, but they maintained a state of alert to other possible usurpers.

The neighbors notified the police and the case was presented to the Justice, where the complaint was dismissed because the political group “La Falcone” presented the papers for possession of the land.

The people of the neighborhood insisted that they would not allow any type of settlement because the intervention of the place represents an unappealable water risk for everyone.

As mentioned, in the last 8 years that land was flooded 3 times.

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