Matthieu Delormeau does his mea culpa live: "I stole a lot of money"

During a confession sequence on the Touche plateau not at my post, Matthieu Delormeau expressed his regrets. In particular, he revealed that he had stolen a large sum.

This Tuesday, September 14, on the set of Do not touch My TV, Matthieu Delormeau made a big confidence. The columnist of Cyril Hanouna in particular confessed to having stolen a very large sum from someone.

Matthieu Delormeau confesses

As the saying goes: Confessed, half-forgiven fault? Matthieu Delormeau must hope so in any case. Indeed, on the plateau of Do not touch My TV, the chronicler of Cyril Hanouna has decided to go to confession. While the host asked his columnists to tell a story they were ashamed of, the young man quickly spoke up. Not very proud of himself, he then confessed to having stolen a lot of money. But not to just anyone, since Matthieu Delormeau drew on his parents’ savings:

I stole a lot of money from my parents. My father left his jacket. He would come home in the evening and put his jacket down, he had a little whiskey. And then there was his wallet. And each time, paf! I took a ticket… Paf, I took a ticket… Almost every night.

While Cyril Hanouna wanted to know how much he had stolen, Matthieu Delormeau said he had not calculated the exact amount. On the other hand, the chronicler of C8 explained that his parents were not aware. Besides, he explained that his father was going to learn it live, and that he had nothing to hope for if he came to demand something from him. It should be noted that the relations between the two men are very complicated.

Angry with his father

During the first confinement, Matthieu Delormeau had explained that he had not spoken to his father for two years. Of course, Cyril Hanouna had sought to understand the reason for this family quarrel, without obtaining a very clear answer. Indeed, the columnist of C8 had simply stated that it was a very complicated story.

Obviously touched by the subject, Matthieu Delormeau still hopes not to have to be reconciled with his father in the hospital. Indeed, he still believes in a possible imminent reconciliation:

You realize that the main thing is still the family and the people you love and there you say to yourself: “Indeed, I may have missed something”. I hope that will make him think as much as it will make me think.

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