Maroto, on the abstention of the PP and the rights of LGTBI families in the EU: "It's a trap on the left"

The PP abstained yesterday in the vote of the European Parliament to recognize that LGTBI families have the same rights in the EU countries. Today in the Congress of Deputies, Pablo Casado has exhorted Sánchez that his government is “the most radical in the democratic history of Spain”, all while the party that he presides continues to block the renewal of the governing body of the judges.

In addition, the PP will give its MEPs freedom to vote in the vote that takes place tomorrow in the European Parliament. A vote to regulate violence against women as a European criminal offense, that is, that all criminal codes have to incorporate it. Faced with this policy of breaking bridges and absolute remoteness to reach any type of consensus, Aimar Bretos interviews the PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto.

The dialogue table with the Generalitat

At the moment it has only been a joke. One part only wants to advertise that they want the referendum and the other part, Sánchez, only wants to stretch the gum because he wants to stay in La Moncloa. The images of how Sánchez and all Spaniards have been humiliated today by the withdrawal of the flag once it has left. It is not a negotiating table between governments, but between parties. The gesture that the Spaniards take is that the flag has been withdrawn and I want to denounce it, that Sánchez allows it. Skinny favor he does except himself.

I analyze the facts. It is important not to fool anyone. They are 40 years in Catalonia of suffering, disagreement and tension, also of wealth and employment. I am always in favor of the meeting, what I am not in favor of is systems as we have seen today. Today is a propaganda space that both parties use. The same Sánchez who said that we have defeated the virus or who said that he would never pardon the prisoners now wants to extend this.

Let’s first think about what’s new today. They have taken a photo to say that they have met and that they are going to meet again. The need for politicians to stage a photo is very different from putting a solution in Catalonia. The recipe that we have is at least the respect of the laws. From the moment that there is a part of the table that says “we will do it again” and the independence from the rest of the Spanish there is a problem.

It is an incontestable fact and we have made a reflection that we do. The application of 155 has not had an acceptance effect. There is a part of Catalan society that wants to be left alone. Arrimadas’ option was deflated. If tomorrow there were elections in which someone says that Alberto Fernández can get them out of the independence movement, he would get many more deputies. There are many people who fluctuate their vote in the elections and the useful vote is especially sought if someone presents himself as the one who is going to free the independence movement.

The PP refused to vote in favor of the rights of LGTBI families

This is the question for which I have agreed to do this interview. For many years, the PP has understood that all families are equal in rights and opportunities, along with all families, single-parent families and those made up of people of the same sex must be integrated in the same way. One of the strategies that the left is using in the European Parliament is to introduce voting issues that the EU treaty itself prevents parliament from regulating because they are the competence of nations. The right of families is one of them. If the PP votes in favor, it is voting illegalities. The left does this to say that the PP is against gays, it is a half truth that becomes a lie. It is as if the left makes us vote on the kilometers of AVE.

There are some issues where the states are exclusively competent and therefore the PP is forced to violate the law or say that the PP of 2021 is against the rights of families. Sometimes the European Parliament votes by acronym or by country. There are times when the PSOE and the PP vote together. The cool thing is that for the PPE this matter is very old, very stale and very outdated. The European center-right share a series of values ​​also in the field of sexual diversity. The speech we make is a completely European speech. The left is cheating with the text of the European Parliament, they do a disservice that must unite all Europeans.

The price of electricity and the threat of electricity

I do not think that the solution is the pulses, nor the half traps. Transferring the cost of electricity to fuel means cheating and making a deception, it is lowering the price of electricity so that it will rise again in the spring. It’s a trick.

We would be in favor if it did not affect the price of fuel. Sánchez’s proposal is: I take the electricity costs and charge them to the gas and fuel companies. The decrease in electricity could make us pay more in April and it will have a rising effect on diesel. The PP’s proposal is simpler: in addition to reducing taxes, what must be done with all the components that are not on the electricity bill is to transfer it to the state budget. What the PP proposes is that instead of charging the potato to fuel and gas companies, it is charging it to the PGE.

The implosion of the PP in Madrid

The PP congress in Madrid is in 2022. I believe that Ayuso has made a very valuable contribution to the party. We have repeated a thousand times that against Sánchez there is a recipe which is to vote together. Ayuso has shown by means of the facts that the grouping of the vote around her has been able against Sánchez. I have not received an invitation to Aguirre’s party. I am not a member of the PP in Madrid. Milito in the PP of Castilla y León.

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