A petition calling for the holding of an extraordinary conference at URD divides: Mamadou Igor Diarra calls for consensus and cohesion

But who does not know Mamadou Igor Diarra? This framework of integrity, valid, courageous, patriotic, hardworking and very assiduous who left his traces by a job well done where he will have served inside and outside the country. Former presidential candidate, Mamadou Igor Diarra officially launched his candidacy for the designation of the standard-bearer of the Union for the Republic and Democracy (Urd) in the next presidential election. With his qualities, his intrinsic values ​​and his great influence in the world, this brilliant banker in his call for candidacy displays his ambitions, oh so great, to bring Malians together and get the country out of the rut. Read the whole of a very sincere, moving and unifying call for candidates!

“The letter of call for applications has just been sent to the sections and I indeed hope that the nomination process will take place in a good atmosphere and in complete transparency, as was the case under the chairmanship of our late President Cissé. . I do not hide from you that some grassroots activists wanted my candidacy in many sections and several voices often want it even outside my party. With humility, I am very honored by these appeals which confirm a hope of seeing me carry out a victorious rallying process. But we do not take these decisions alone and easily because I have already been a candidate and know what capacity to bring together essential that requires and what sacrifice requires the quest for the supreme office of a country. Without cohesion and a great rally no party could be victorious in an election. Being one of the vice-presidents of the party, I also belong to the base as an activist and neither my post of Deputy Secretary General of the Ségou section let alone that of the Markala sub-section authorizes me to take on such an important role on my own. decision, although the candidacy is individual. Before arriving at BEN, currently the question is topical at the level of the sections of the party and we will therefore have the debate in my constituency in Ségou and you will be notified of what will come out very soon.

But right now, I remain convinced and optimistic that unity and cohesion will be preserved and a broad consensus will emerge around a candidate, because the URD is full of brilliant executives who will find the elements that it needs. must to avoid tearing. Because the wish of all convinced activists is to win the next presidential election in order not only to honor the memory of Soumaïla Cissé, but also and above all to get Mali out of the extremely serious crisis ”. No comment!

A regular at electoral contests

Also, unlike many contenders for the party’s candidacy, Mamadou Igor Diarra has a perfect knowledge of electoral battles since having been a candidate in the presidential election of 2018. This electoral contest allowed him to gain experience that he can make available to the party. This combined with that of the party will give the URD a certain chance to win the next presidential election.
In any case, several arguments militate in favor of the man on the contrary to several pretending internal candidatures. To honor the memory of the late President Soumi, champion and consolidate cohesion within the party, it will be very judicious and very valuable to choose Mamadou Igor Diarra as URD candidate for the next presidential election.

Man of record, the former Minister of the Economy and Finance is feared for his propensity to say out loud what others think softly. Competent, he is known to be very discreet. Wherever he has served, his collaborators retain from him his rigor, his outspokenness and his attachment to his convictions. Mamadou Igor Diarra enjoys an irreproachable reputation both professionally and socially. And according to many political analysts, he is the one who will be able to perpetuate the memory of the very late Soumi Champion by giving Hope to the Malians, so dear to him.


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