Luck Ra: his show at the Monumental, Coscu, Biza and the photo with De Paul

He is a young man like any other. That shows and remarks. However, at only 21 years of age, Facundo Almenara Ordoñez, better known as Luck Ra, is one of the Argentine artists of the moment. A native of Córdoba, the singer and streamer is positioned as a hit maker and it already exceeds 150 million views on YouTube and another 50 million listens on Spotify.

Even so, even for a successful guy like Luck, life surprises us all the time. And how. Is that the multifaceted artist He was chosen to compose El Campeón (thus he titled it), the official song of the Argentine National Team after winning the Copa América, which also had the luxury of premiering live at the Estadio Monumental. And about that, but also about his history, about Twitch, Coscu, Biza and everything that is coming, he spoke exclusively with Olé.

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How did the possibility of making the song of the Argentine National Team come about?

Everything happened very fast. That alliance was made with the AFA and they trusted me to make the issue official. As soon as I found out I thought it was a unique opportunity and an hour later I was doing the songWhile there were some fixes after composing, it came out really fast.

What did it mean for you to sing it live at the Monumental?

​​Days go by and I still don’t fall. When it happened it was crazy. I found out three days before and I wanted to take advantage and enjoy. It felt great and I had a great time.

The Champion, the official song of the Argentine National Team.

The Champion, the official song of the Argentine National Team.

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There is a photo in your networks with De Paul: how did it happen? Were you able to get up close and personal with the rest of the champions?

We finished singing and a man who seemed to have a high position approaches. It brought me and my team closer and out of nowhere we had the players five meters away. At least I had the pleasure of seeing them and just when De Paul approached, I took advantage, exchanged a few words and clearly asked him for a photo. The chabón is very cool.

Do you have any idols within the squad?

And … quite a few. De Paul, precisely, is one of them. Afterwards, clearly Messi. I saw it and it didn’t seem real, but a semi-God taken down to play soccer.

And what a night that Messi was … How did you experience the game and the three goals?

In the first goal I stuck my throat out. Then my manager told me to calm down because I had to sing and I ended up wearing my hands from clapping so much, but the truth is that I had a beautiful time. It was the first time I saw the National Team live, firsthand.

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Are you a football fan?

I watch all the matches of the National Team. At the time, as a child, he had a lot of connection with football. In fact I played from four years to twelve, which ended up injuring myself and started with music. I was a huge soccer fan, I really liked playing. Today I am to see the odd game but I still enjoy playing it a lot.

Luck Ra with the Argentina jersey.

Luck Ra with the Argentina jersey.

There is a certain relationship between football and music. In fact, if we leave aside the well-known context of El Campeón, one could even say that it is a love song …

Sure because It was all related to obtaining the Cup and I tried to cover it from the side of the fan and the player, as if to say “it was something that I looked for a lot, that I wanted a lot, because of the times we were very close. And now that I have you, I won’t let you go anymore.” It was something that was sought and finally we got it.

You just mentioned a step from football to music, at the age of twelve, from an injury. Tell me a little more …

I have been connected to music since I was little. My old men would leave me alone and I would put on channels where there was music. Gorilla and Red Hot Chili Peppers were the bands that always played and I liked them a lot. I always liked music and I sang when no one was home. Equally, soccer was my priority until I got injured. That’s when I realized that music was a passion and that I wanted to dedicate myself to that. I started playing the guitar and formed a band, until they threw me out and became a soloist… and here we are, heh.

How did you get kicked out of your own band?

What happened was each one shot to a different side and that caused us to be static. Today I have a team in which we all push forward. It happens as in any field, for a team to work, everyone has to go the same way …

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Could it be said that Twitch is another of your passions?

I use the stream to speak in person with the people who are there and want to know more about me. It gives me that closeness that through music I cannot have, or maybe yes but in a different way. In the stream I show my day to day, what I am doing and that may interest people. I stream music producing a song, playing guitar, doing covers, inviting friends. It is my most real part, because the living gives you that. It is connection in real time with people.

Luck Ra, between the stream and the music.

Luck Ra, between the stream and the music.

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The artist usually imposes a certain distance with people and you, from what you say, do the opposite. What does it give you and why do you seek that approach?

Sometimes one has to show a certain distance, but also, As an admirer that I once was, I do not want to forget how it is uploaded that someone you listen to respond to a message. Half of what I can do today is thanks to the people, that’s why I like to give it time and space. I like to tell them how I am and that they also tell me, because in the end we are all the same and that connection is very nice. I don’t feel like there is any distance between me and a fan.

You tell all this that happens to you and you are barely 21 years old. You did a lot in a short time and your numbers are abysmal. But there is also the bad: the exposure and everything that goes with fame … How do you live with all that and take it easy?

I try to stay close to the friends who were always there. I try to hang out with people who look like me and I feel that it is very important to have a good circle, with people who help you put your feet on the ground, who accompany you and say no when you are wrong. The group is very important to progress. I learned it to the blows and I put it to the test today. My friends focus a lot on me and I feel that if I am alone I can get lost.

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Do you plan to continue working with singles or is there an album coming up?

Next year I really want to release an album. In stream I do music sessions with different artists and at some point I would like to make the first album that was born from Twitch. That people choose which songs come out and which ones don’t, the artists who are going to be there. At the album level I would like to be the first to be able to do it that way. I’m also going to keep releasing singles for the rest of the year.

Can you advance a name or date of what is coming?

On the 21st it is very likely that a topic will come out, but I can’t say which one, heh.

Everything you propose and tell is very modern. How did the album occur to you to think of it that way?

I like to make a difference, always trying not to lose my essence. I like to do new things, I think about it a lot because it can be difficult, but it is part of a musical growth and that’s why I do it. I have to get out of my comfort bubble to seek new horizons.

And if we talk about sessions, success, producers and music, it is impossible not to think about Bizarrap: would you like to do something with him? Did you speak it?

I think any artist will tell you that they would love it, but I am very happy with the step by step. In the future it will be seen, but for the moment I worry about what comes immediately. I believe that if I do things well, tomorrow will be guaranteed. I am a person who focuses on that.

Some time ago you were awarded by the Coscu Army, which chose you as the musician of the year. Tell me a little about that …

It was all very crazy because, practically, I invited myself alone: I picked up the phone and said “che friend, what’s up, can I go see?”. I thought I was not going to win anything, precisely because of how it happened. I didn’t expect it and when it happened I couldn’t believe it. I had to speak in front of 400 thousand people, I didn’t know what to say, and when I got off the stage I started crying.​

A dream?

I feel that dreams have no limits: I am going to climb musically and as a person to have more arrival. I want to go little by little to reach the maximum. If I have to tell you something more concrete, it would be to be able to do something someday with Justin Bieber, J Balvin, Rauw Alejandro, Bad Bunny. I will continue working for that.

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