Lola Susano, the oldest woman in the world, turned 124: but her age is to be confirmed

The Police Department of Kabankalan City, Philippines, announced that Ms. Lola Francisca Susano turned 124 on 11 September. It would be the oldest woman in the world and the one who has achieved the greatest longevity. His age, however, must be confirmed by the Guinness World Records: at the moment the official record belongs to the Japanese Kane Tanaka, who regretted 118 candles at the beginning of 2021.

Mrs Lola Francisca Susano. Credit: Kabankalan City Police Station

The Lady Lola Francisca Susano, a’elderly Filipino woman, last Saturday Sept. 11 has completed the extraordinary age of 124 years. This makes her the most living person long-lived in the world, although its documents must be analyzed by the Guinness World Records for confirmation and definitive certification. Currently, the official record for the oldest (living) person belongs to the Japanese Kane Tanaka, which he completed last January 118 years. The confirmed record of maximum longevity belongs to the French supercentennial Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the ripe old age of 122 years and 164 days.

If Mrs. Susano’s age were to be certified, she would become the oldest person in the world and the one who has reached the most advanced age ever. Its potential lead, however, could be undermined over the course of the century. According to the study “Probabilistic forecasting of maximum human lifespan by 2100 using Bayesian population projections” published in the scientific journal Demographic Research by a research group of the University of Washington, there is in fact the 99 percent chance that by the end of the century at least one supercentennial get to 124 years; of 89 percent you get to 126 years; of 68 percent you get to 127 years; of 44 percent you get to 128 years and 13 percent that you get to 130 years. Obviously, it is not excluded that Mrs. Susano may be the one to cross all these goals.

According to what was reported by the Police Department of the city of Kabankalan, the lady was born on September 11 of the distant 1897, when the Philippines was still under the Spanish crown. The policemen dedicated a message to the woman published on the station’s Facebook page: “She is the oldest living Filipina, born before Philippine Independence Day and was able to witness two world wars. It has survived Martial Law, People’s Power, the ISIS bombing, many typhoons and overcame other calamities such as the new coronavirus pandemic. She is truly a treasured national treasure. We wish you good health, happiness and good luck. We hope it can continue to inspire us and give us the hope to fight against everything we face. Happy birthday!!!”. Together with the post some photographs were shared in which Mrs. Susano is seen receiving one cake by a group of policemen. All that remains is to wait for his age to be officially confirmed by the Guinness World Records committee.

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