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Lima, September 15, 2021Updated on 09/15/2021 04:00 am

The Government officially enabled the portal so that Peruvians can consult if they will be beneficiaries of the Yanapay Peru Voucher of S / 350 that will begin to be distributed from this September 13. According to the Government, the subsidy will be distributed personally for an amount of S / 350 per person, so that more than one member of the same family could be a beneficiary.

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Check today if you will receive the Yanapay Bonus

From September 13, people who belong to social programs will be able to check their date and payment method in the register through the following LINK:

If you are not a user of a social program, you will be able to check in the registry if you are a beneficiary as of September 20.

¿Who can access the Bonus 350?

The Bono Yanapay It will be granted to people of legal age who are part of households in conditions of poverty, extreme poverty and vulnerability in our country, as well as those households that have beneficiaries of the Juntos, Pension 65 and Contigo Programs.

People who are part of households with no income from the formal labor market, pensioners and people in training will also receive financial support. The household income as a whole must not exceed S / 3,000.

Likewise, a supplementary monetary subsidy of S / 350 will be given to those households that are made up of a single person of legal age and who is responsible for one or more minors. That is, they will receive additional financial support for the minors.

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Payment schedule of the Yanapay Peru Bonus

The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) established the following dates to make the payment to the beneficiaries of the Bono 350 according to the following detail:

  • Group 1: It is made up of users of the social programs: Pension 65, Juntos and Contigo. They will be able to collect Bonus 350 from September 13. Previously, the date set was September 8.
  • Group 2: It is made up of people with bank accounts, digital wallets, mobile banking and a DNI account (Banco de la Nación). They will begin to receive the Yanapay Bonus as of September 24. Previously, the start date had been set for September 23.
  • Group number 3: Made up of people living in rural communities without access to financial systems, who will be able to collect Bonus 350 from October 4. Previously, the payment date had been set for September 28.
  • Group 4: Includes people without bank accounts who will receive financial support through the Banco de la Nación windows as of December 7. With this, the payment to this group is advanced 16 days, since previously the date to start with the payments was December 23.


Payment methods of the Yanapay Peru Bonus

The Executive Power has established various payment methods, which will depend on the date on which it is called on to collect according to the established schedule. Below are all the ways in which the subsidy can be collected:

  • Account payment to users of the Juntos, Pensión 65 and Contigo programs.
  • Deposit to those who already have a bank account.
  • Deposit to people who already have active digital wallets (Yape, Tunki and BIM). Deposit in new digital wallet accounts (Yape, Tunki and BIM) to beneficiaries up to 59 years old and with a cell phone in their name.
  • Credit in the DNI Account of the Banco de la Nación to beneficiaries up to 59 years of age and with a cell phone in their name.
  • Deposit in Cellular Banking of Banco de la Nación: withdrawal through ATMs and Multired agents nationwide.
  • Payment carts in focal points of the communities and home payment for people over 80 years old or with severe disabilities.
  • Payment at the Banco de la Nación window and payment at the extended window.


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