The chrysalis was opened and the queen became tangible. Mrs Letizia turns 49 in the best moment of popularity in this decade in La Zarzuela. It has not been a bed of roses, but it has managed to get into the pocket many of those who criticized much of their attitudes years ago.

She was against him from the beginning and without knowing it Queen Sofía herself, which the Spanish people have always admired and respected. The substitution was a bone. The eternal comparison, an unavoidable stumbling block. In his favor he had all the scandals of a crown that no one had ever questioned and that suddenly clouded the image of that good-natured king who looked like Juan Carlos I of Spain.


The judicial problems of her brother-in-law, in jail and morally prosecuted for life, and the adventures of her father-in-law, on the lips of half the world, became almost a talisman for Letizia, with a little intelligence and a good capacity to work, was forging this queen that today is and that serves as an example of a perfect image in the eyes of European monarchies and of the leaders of a large part of the planet.

She has gone step by step, eating the criticism ground and making herself the queen that the Spanish wanted after years and years of Sofia.

The five yeses of Queen Letizia

There are five keys to this process. They are my yeses from Queen Letizia of Spain. They are not more important in one order or another. All, as a whole, make up what we see today of the queen.

1. Your new look he was not born in a day. It has been a long distance race until I reached this sophisticated and refined woman to the extreme. She has been advised to show this elegant, modern and often chic image that we now see in her.


2. Has managed to stay firm and warm, before it was not, to let them go their own criticisms of the House of the King were in charge of destroying the demons and praise this new crown made up of her, Felipe VI, Infanta Sofía and Princess Leonor. Nobody else.


3. Of them, of their royal family, where Don Juan Carlos or the court of his brothers-in-law no longer fit, has also a new and simple image of face to the world and to the future.

Farewell to Eleanor before going to live in Wales

With a transparent and honest king and daughters who publicly lavish smiles and know how to be. This they do at home, even if it is a palace, the mothers with their chicks and their environment.

4. Has become the perfect ambassador of our brand Spain when he travels officially and in the eyes of the press around the world. That is not done with two dresses, some heels and a makeup case. This is achieved by preparation, reading, concern for events, interest in all cultural expressions and keeping our feet on the ground. Even if it is about 12 centimeters of needle.

Letizia meets Judi Dench at the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest 2021

5. And he has achieved with the silent acceptance of criticism, his effort will have cost him, to win part of those sympathies that Queen Sofia woke us up in the past and that in her they seemed a goal as far away as it was unattainable.

The queen returns to the UCM to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her faculty

Time put it in its place. The one that I think he deserves.


No one can deny that he had almost everything against him a priori and that in just a decade now he can say that he has almost everything in his favor. I was the first to criticize many of his attitudes and character. Today I am also the first to recognize her this background work like an ant to be shaping the home that is today, at the gates of 2022, the spanish monarchy.

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