"Let me laugh": Susanna Griso collides with Rocío Monasterio again in 'Public Mirror'

Susanna griso faces have been seen again this Wednesday with Roco Monasterio in Public Mirror. Vox’s policy has reviewed current politics, with special attention to the price of electricity and the increase in homophobic aggressions. “The government has made a horrible ridicule,” he said.

The presenter has again collided with the leader when she brought up the subject of homophobia. “To fight against it, the best thing is not the shielding through LTGBI laws, which you want to repeal in the Community of Madrid?” Griso asked. Monasterio has defended that his party wants to repeal them because “they do not respect the presumption of innocence”, giving an example of what happened with the false aggression of Malasaa. “The laws of the Community of Madrid are based on gender self-determination,” he assured.

“Right now I could say that I am a man and no one can question that I am a man or ask me for a paper or ask me for documentation. An abuser could declare himself a woman and automatically is out,” the policy continued, being interrupted by the journalist: “But that it is a process that is not automatic and you know it. Right now it is not. ” “Right now, with the laws that are in force in Madrid, it is. Gender self-determination depends on the will of the person and no official can demand documentation because it can automatically be administratively sanctioned,” Monasterio continued.

Griso clashes with Monastery in ‘Espejo’ over the laws against homophobia

“And do you know of many cases like the ones you are now commenting on?” Griso has re-asked to which the policy has replied: “I am going to tell you an example right now. In La Rioja.” “We were talking about Madrid”, the presenter has cut again. “Well, but in Madrid it could happen as well and in Madrid we considered it. We needed to make the zipper list of man-woman, man-woman, women. We could have declared a series of men women, who would have declared themselves women. It was made in La Rioja, “said Monastery.

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It was then that Griso could not suppress himself outlining a smile: “Senora Monasterio, allow me to laugh.” “But who wanted to do that? Is someone from Vox in La Rioja telling me?” He asked. “And the official could not say no. He appeared on a list. That’s it,” added the policy to which Griso replied: “Well, it’s to ask who you have on the lists.”

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