Linken-Chef Bartsch: NATO-Ablehnung ist für Regierungsbeteiligung egal

15 Sep. 2021 14:11

Actually, the left has committed itself to the dissolution of the western NATO alliance. But representatives of the Left Party have repeatedly indicated in recent months that they might throw this principle overboard in order to participate in government.

The left is a party of peace? Lately some leading politicians of this party seem to want to shake this principle in order to make a red-red-green coalition possible. Dietmar Bartsch, chairman of the left parliamentary group in the Bundestag, is also jumping on this train. In a conversation with the Augsburger Allgemeine he explained:

“The situation will never arise that we would make a NATO exit a condition of a red-red-green alliance.”

In the past, SPD politicians in particular had linked the possibility of a coalition with the left as part of a red-red-green alliance to a commitment to NATO. For example, the SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz, who appeared on TV in mid-August image had announced that he would only enter a government with parties that make a clear commitment to NATO and a strong EU.

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With his announcement, Bartsch seems to want to at least implicitly fulfill this precondition of the SPD. He referred to the coalition of the Greens with the SPD in 1998, which Gerhard Schröder’s chancellorship had made possible. At that time the Greens actually had the demand for the dissolution of NATO in their program. Bartsch said:

“You ruled anyway.”

What is explosive is that the Greens not only governed at the time, but also helped to make the war against Yugoslavia possible soon afterwards.

However, Bartsch also stated that the left would not support higher defense spending in a coalition:

“What will not happen with us – and I say this very clearly – is the continuation of a policy to achieve NATO’s two percent target of spending more than 80 billion on defense.”

The left-wing chairman Janine Wissler, who is counted on the party’s left-wing camp, recently urged her comrades to consider the possibility of a red-red-green alliance:

“If after the election there is an arithmetical majority made up of the SPD, the Greens and the Left, we should talk very seriously about how a change in policy will come about.”

Nevertheless, according to Bartsch, the chances for a left alliance of the SPD, the Greens and the Left Party are rather poor:

“Olaf Scholz probably wants a GroKo under his leadership.”

But the party now has completely different concerns than a possible government participation, because it is currently only just above the five percent clause in the polls. The party’s re-entry into the Bundestag is therefore not entirely certain.

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