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Mali could have been… But its progress was limited by people without a real vision for the country. At the beginning of the “democracy», When we started to build roads, the Malians applauded, they saw themselves on the way of cities like New York… At the time Dubai hardly existed… And I said to myself, to the point where the Mali was there, even moving a needle has an effect.

I said this because I saw a kind of enthusiasm and almost deification on the part of some who had nothing productive. It was then that our fate was sealed in mediocrity, impunity, and reversed priorities. The decision was taken in 1968. Piannn! Also, the reasons for division have multiplied at the speed of the multiplication of political parties, NGOs, associations, groups … There was no vision for Mali, but just people who saw each other “Big someoneWithout sacrifice or let’s say by sacrificing only the other.

And it continues, really … How to blame people who have only known that as a reference? People who have been cocooned in it. And I am referring to the succession whose claws and greed are even sharper by the feeling of wanting to exist… To exist meaning to take pictures with people who are often criminals even if they are in power. Thinking that you are useful for something when you only increase the silent frustrations of others; of those we claim to want to save.

When I was a student, I studied at an educational institute. Once our faculty, that of languages, was invited to a school which was famous for its promoter, an educator as we no longer did and we do more. At the end of the visit, this gentleman gathered us together and asked: “Why did you choose these studies» ?

Very happy, everyone wanted to outdo themselves for a nice answer, especially since we had just eaten an excellent Ukrainian dish made with meat and potatoes cooked in an earthenware dish. The responses were: “For the love of languages», «for the love of english», «for the love of spanish», «to discover other cultures»…! I’m still ashamed when I see the gentleman again, already of a certain age, disappointed without being able to hide it.

He just said this: “I would have hoped that love for children would have been the most popular answer… But nobody said it, while you are studying in a pedagogical institute…“! Personally, it had turned me over… I was very ashamed without saying it. The proof is that the memory of what I felt is still alive.

I did not know that I would one day have to use this anecdote to shed light on the patriotism which must be the fuel of the politician in power, or in his quest, and not his personal enrichment and his glory.

Don’t laugh at our intelligence any more. What respect, please!


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